What If 2

I’m excited to announce that I’m publishing a What If? sequel! What If? 2: Additional Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions will be in stores 9/13, and is available for preorder now!

In What If 2, I answer new questions I’ve receieved in the years since What If? was released. People have asked about touching exotic materials, traveling across space and time, eating things they shouldn’t, and smashing large objects into the Earth. There are questions about lasers, explosions, swingsets, candy, and soup. Several planets are destroyed—one of them by the soup. 

Like What If?, What If? 2 also features collections of short answers, new lists of weird and worrying questions, and some of my favorite answers from the What If site. If you want to get it when it’s released, you can preorder a copy!

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