Book tour wrap-up

Thank you to everyone who came to events on my book tour! It was a wild ride visiting so many cities in short succession. Thank you so much to the booksellers, venues, and especially to the wonderful people who co-hosted the tour events with me: Kate Darling, Alexandra Petri, Lev Grossman, Jim Ottaviani, Ken Jennings, Adam Savage, Ariel Waldman, Cory Doctorow, Kyle Hill, Bill Amend, Dean Regas, Sean Cannon, and Katie Mack.

In addition to the above, I got to meet so many other cool people during the tour, including Simone Giertz, Scott Manley, and lots of researchers, engineers, science-enthusiast kids, and other people working on all kinds of neat stuff. And thank you to everyone who waited an extra 5 minutes to get a book signed because there was a seismologist in line and I couldn’t stop myself from asking them a bunch of questions about earthquakes.

A picture from my conversation with writer Alexandra Petri in Washington, DC

If you weren’t able to make it to any of my tour events, How To is now available everywhere, including at Barnes and Noble, TargetAmazon, local independents, and more. Some Barnes and Noble locations and indies have special signed copies, so you can check with your bookseller to see if those are available.

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