Raptor shirts!

A new “No Raptors” shirt has gone up in the store (which is now almost completely restocked in the other shirts)! I’ve stocked up on a bunch of these ahead of time so they’re up for sale right away with no preorder period! Before putting them up, I got some friends together to take pictures in them. The results were awesome:

I made a collage of the pictures, featuring me and a bunch of friends who are mostly from CNU. They were a lot of fun to take. TRIVIA: Next to the girls in the anatomy lab pictures there were two grad students dissecting a small dog. They were a little confused as to why we were in their lab being so triumphant about science, especially since the building was supposed to be locked, but in the end they decided that we weren’t a threat! Which was good because they had a bunch of really sharp knives.

I hope you guys enjoy the shirts! So far I’ve had more friends buy their own, after seeing the samples, than any other shirt, so I think they’re gonna do well!

Also, all the previously backordered shirts are going out today and tomorrow, so you should get those soon.

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  1. Haha, amazing. You should get a couple photo’s of the Just Shy shirt up too – I know from the forums there were a couple questions as to what that actually looked like on a shirt. From these examples though, I assume the color is a pretty accurate representation.

    Also, cool to see what the guy who writes my favorite comic actually looks like.


  2. Ooh a photo of you, now you’re gonna get accosted on the street!

    Acronym Finder tells me CNU stands for:
    Christopher Newport University
    Chungnam National University
    Congress for the New Urbanism
    Chonnam National University
    Chonbuk National University
    Consiglio Nazionale degli Utenti
    California National University
    Consolidated Narcotics Unit

    Which are you at? 🙂

    (I’m sure the answer is around if I look, but that removes my reason for commenting, and I’m sure you love getting comments… :P)


  3. You’re a genius, you know that? I’d buy one, if it wasnt going to cost me 25 of the green thingies….damn materialistic world.


  4. Hello
    I am from Germany and i would love to get myself a raptor shirt, but 5-7 weeks shipping is way too long.
    If you do not offer the shirts to earn money, would it be possible to get a printable version of the raptor-logo? I could use that to make a shirt at a local copy shop and then “destroy” the file 😉


    PS: Love the comic


  5. Damn,

    5-7 weeks?

    And with the usual creepy aside, being a young college lecturer myself I have to say that Brit and Jane would be a welcome distraction in my classes any day!



  6. Hmm looks like one of the Biology Major’s final projects got loose in Gosnold! XD


  7. The girl with the natural-looking red hair (*ahem* orange) looks cute.

    What? So it’s wrong to be looking for cute girls when there are raptors around?


  8. Why does that the reverse raptor T-Shirt looks so strange? Are we so conditioned by either side-scrolling video games or reading left to right that a velociraptor facing the left looks backwards?

    Is that our human weakness? If raptors circle us counter-clockwise, will we be confused by their backwards appearing motion and be hypnotized into being raptor chow?

    Or maybe it’s just because the red circle’s stripe is backwards.


  9. Ive been hating on raptors since like ’92. If anyone can send me an email on where I can order about 7 of these shirts Id greatly appreciate it. Also curious as to whether or not the gal in the pic is currently on the market. -Thanks, Dean


  10. Ever since Steven Spielberg brought us Jurassic Park in 1993 there has been a fierce undercurrent of anti-dinosaur sentiment and frankly I am appalled. Velociraptors have been unfairly characterized as evil creatures, yet we fail to understand their value to the Cretaceous Period as scavengers and hunters. I demand that your site cease and desist the sales of these shirts. Actually, I represent a small but determined group of activists devoted to clearing the reputation of Velociraptors and other misunderstood dinosaurs.

    Join the fight at http://www.raptorlover.com


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