My friend Sarah and I just got back from wandering around SPX, the Small Press Expo, which is an independent comics convention. It’s focused on real paper comics, but I stopped by because there were a few webcomics represented there. We met Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content, David Malki of Wondermark, and Colleen of Fluff in Brooklyn. Jeph, Jeph’s gal Cristi, David, Colleen, Colleen’s pal Marianne, Sarah, and I all went out for dinner at a very nice Thai restaurant and had a lot of fun. David filled my car with a story about telling the difference between Garfield the cat and Garfield the 20th president (“the beard, not the whiskers”).

The expo was really cool. I hadn’t been to a convention before, and it seems this one is a good one to start out at. It was very grown-up, very nice and artsy and people tended not to have costumes or anything. Just a lot of hipsters hanging around with tables covered in absolutely breathtaking art. I picked up a copy of Two-Fisted Science, which I’d seen on BoingBoing, and blabbed at the author for a while.

I’m at Sarah’s place, about to crash, and I just turned my head to the right and there were a pair of EYES, set in the face of a strange cat sitting on the back of the couch, literally an inch, an inch and a half from my face, staring at me intently. I propose all animals with quiet feet and eyes above a certain level of creepiness be fitted with bells immediately.


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