Oops (delayed post)

In today’s comic, I have the rain-stick thing happening in Jaynestown, when it actually happens in Our Mrs. Reynolds.  I lose three nerd points.

When writing the comic, I actually compiled a list of references to wood in Firefly by searching the scripts. They included Badger serving Jayne wood alcohol and Inara likening Mal’s sword technique to ‘chopping wood’ (both in Shindig). I should put it on Wikipedia so nobody has to duplicate my efforts.

Note: I actually wrote this post from the road early this morning to try to stave off the subsequent flood of email, but in my sleepiness I accidentally published it as a “page” instead of a “post” (a WordPress distinction that’s confused me before). So, all told, this was not a good day for my internet skills.  I think I’ve dropped from 1337 to 1334, maybe 1335 tops.

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    call us when your material isn’t that of a 14 year old with their first girlfriend


  2. Couple of remarks:

    1. Oops is still a page

    2. The “vogonization of wikipedia” should become some kind of net meme

    3. Don’t ever make xkcd user-editable

    4. I came here actually because I wanted to inquire if the google counts in todays comic are real, and if there are differences between “… her” and “… him”


  3. Till,
    From my google search…
    “i shouldn’t have kissed her” – 798 results
    “i shouldn’t have kissed him” – 265 results
    Total – 1,063 results

    “i should have kissed her” – 7,590 results
    “I should have kissed him” – 2,000 results
    Total – 9,590 results

    He was close. The point remains intact though.


  4. @Dalin: thanks!

    So for “her”, we have a 1:9,5 ratio, for “him” it’s 1:7,5. What does that say about the gender matrix in the internets?


  5. There is no point in this comment I am about to leave you. I doubt its contents will even be read and I’m perfectly alright with that. It has absolutely no relevance to the text above, or anywhere else, and is more than likely something one might find in a Myspace blog… or Xanga, LiveJournal, GreatestJournal and all that other nonsense (especially Myspace).

    If this is deleted, I wouldn’t be offended either.

    Sleep hasn’t come yet and I needed something to do. When you’re laying awake, you really take notice to how incredibly loud and annoying silence can be and how darkness isn’t so. I can hear the light hum of my computer. The spinning disk of We love Katamari in my PS2 is, I think, the loudest damned thing in the room right now. Earlier was the ceiling fan directly above my bed making a terrible scratching sound on god only knows what. I turned it off. Honestly, for a moment I thought jumping out my bedroom window was the best idea. It was then when I realized I could hear birds.

    My speaker has a florescent blue glow. The mouse, keyboard and monitor currently have a small green light while my computer itself has streams of red glaring at me. My electric blanket is unplugged so the adapter… thing is blinking rapidly (I assume angry for not being plugged) and I can see the store lights of the shopping center across the street. Why must all electronic things have some random light on when it should be off? Craziness…

    Time passes much more slowly when you’re staring at a digital clock with no second counter. I tried counting with it but was always off by 10- 20 seconds. Apparently I don’t know how much a second of time is on my own.

    Hm… laughter. A comic comes to mind. I don’t need to say which one.

    I’ve just read every reply. I learned nothing and don’t really understand what is going on. I didn’t read the post… could be why. Could be that I’m tired and am incapable of cognitive thought.

    Hm… I question the grammar in my last sentence. I don’t know that “am” is necessary. It probably isn’t. I could just delete it, but then I would have typed all this out for nothing and I’d either have to get rid of it, or keep it here without it making any sense to anyone other than me. Hell, I suppose it wouldn’t matter since more than likely, no one will notice this hunk of rambling.

    I’m more awake now then when I started. It isn’t as loud as it once was. I’m thirsty. Actually, I want a freezepop.

    I think with that I will take my leave. I’m really in the mood for a red freezepop right now. I don’t know what the flavor is though. Tastes like red.

    If there is anyone out there who did read this… thank you. Strangers understand more than anyone.


  6. Just how often do you update the blag? Anyways, it’s funny how this comic made there be “I’m glad I saw Epic Movie” results on google, people who don’t read this comic might think someone actually liked that movie!

    Also, I am the guy who cosplayed as XKCD’s guy with a hat at Comic-Con, still highlight of the show for me.


  7. @Grace – Isn’t it weird how freezepops don’t have classifiable flavors? There seriously should be names for artificial flavors that don’t correspond to normal foods. Like the flavors that masquerade as cherry and grape in cough syrups and children’s medicine (and occasionally other places… I ordered a grape snow-cone the other day, and it was THAT “grape.” It was totally strange.)


  8. You know, I’m reading through all of these comments, and several things stick out in my mind.

    1. There are a lot of amazing people out there, and I’m pretty sure most of them read XKCD.

    2. There are a lot of trolls out there, and about 2 of them found there way in here.

    3. Somebody signed their name “Summer Glau” in response to an asshole troll. I can’t help but wonder if that was the celebrity Summer Glau or not. If it is, congratulations, you just became one of my favorite people. At the moment, however, Paris Hilton ranks as my favorite (and that realization blindsided me…).


  9. Unless I am very much mistaken, internet skills are generally expressed in base 36,

    xkcd is the maximum value.


  10. I’m glad I read the comic that spawned the blag that referenced “I’m glad I saw Epic Movie”


  11. How is signing a trollistic remark with someone elses name payback?
    Don’t you realize that in the grand scheme of things, we just don’t care?
    We don’t come here for trolls. We come here for XKCD.


  12. Speaking of which, anyone find it odd that today’s comic doesn’t mention raptors?
    I mean, come on, there was even a Jurassic Park reference, but still no raptors!
    I find that interesting.


  13. Inspired by the above, I have just made myself a shirt (well, drawn on an existing shirt) an odometer-style ticker that is turning over from 1336 to 1337. None of my housemates think this is as awesome as I do. Thanks for the idea!


  14. Not to be annoying or anything (well, not TOO annoying), but where it says “turn left on Comstock,” the arrow points right. I was already getting worried, what with all the darkness and the chilling sensation in my spine, but what do I do?


  15. Google Maps has always been a bit of a running gag around here, because only very recently did they realize that the Alaska Marine Highway was a ferry system. My guess is that when they sent their Street View teams up here last summer, somebody found himself standing on a dock in the middle of the night.


  16. West of House
    You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
    There is a small mailbox here.


  17. Dave: I guess that’s deliberate, for the same reason that not having a comic 404 is probably deliberate (though I think there used to be one, because I vaguely remember thinking there shouldn’t be, at the time.) But who knows? Perhaps it was supposed to be left out of the random thingy the way it was left out of the navigation.


  18. @Zephyr Greene- Is that said implicating an insult referencing to a prior comment or action of mine, Mr Greene? Or is that you exppressing your wish to return the compliment being thwarted by not having enough information about me to do so? Which would be a bit odd, since a simple “thanks” would suffice. Either way I am, and will not be, asking for a justification of your reply. I guess I am merely trying to convey my puzzlement over your choice of words to you.


  19. @Pikachu Mariachi- a correction to the previous post,it should read “Either way I am NOT, and will not be…”


  20. The words “mathematics” and “is just” don’t even belong in the same sentence. Unless it’s “Mathematics is just not well understood by the average blogger.” And hey Pikachu, the word is “genius”, not “genious” – that’s what prompted Zephyr’s apparently rude response.


  21. Even if the sentence “Mathematics is just applied philosophy” was correct, that statement is nowhere near true.


  22. Is it just me, or does the narrative by Morgan Freeman sound much more like Shepherd Book? As in, “my, my, isn’t that… special.” Seems so to me.

    Either way, I’d love to have Freemanic Paracusia


  23. About the voting machine strip:

    I love analogies. It makes sense to me. I assume that what you mean, literally speaking, is that the machines shouldn’t have programs complicated enough to get viruses, but should stick to a simple “check here” mentality. Yeah?

    Even if I’m wrong, it’s great. Nicely played, sir.


  24. @Jan Koekepan: Mathematics is a playground for logic. (No ‘just’ in there, because I agree with what Says: Says: says.)

    In other news, I don’t get why comic 464 calls the move a reverse Bel-Air. What’s reversed about it? But I guess if I really wanted to know the answer, I’d sign up on the forums.


  25. @Angelastic

    The non-reversed Bel-Air is (and/or was) a popular meme in which someone begins telling a story, but partway through I got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said, “You’re moving in with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.”


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