Last week’s story arc was a lot of fun for me. I hope you enjoyed it! A few notes for the more pedantic readers:

  • In Part 2, Elaine and Dr. Knuth are not competing to calculate the time-complexity of a known algorithm. They’re each trying to develop an algorithm to solve a particular problem. His “lower bound” comment is referring to his lower bound on how fast the problem can be solved (akin to saying “the lower bound on comparison sorts is n log n”), and she proves him wrong with her counterexample.
  • In the interest of time-continuity, panel #2 in the same strip is a montage showing the two children at different times. Bobby is quite a bit younger than Elaine (although he doesn’t strictly have to be — “drop table” has been in the SQL standard since at least the start of the 90’s).
  • Nick Oliver writes in to suggest that Elaine should have played in the band Perl Jam.
  • By 2002, Richard Stallman had grown frustrated with the direction of the blogosphere’s construction. He detached his airship and took it to parts unknown.
  • Upside-Down-Ternet is here. It seems to me that you could do an awful lot of pranks with it — turning everything upside down is just the beginning.

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