South America, Verizon Math

South America should be able to reach xkcd again. I’m sorry to those of you there who haven’t been able to reach the site over the last week. There was a semi-complicated problem with some dead routers at ThePlanet’s datacenter. It should be fixed now. The problem with posting about it is that it doesn’t reach the people who are actually being affected 🙂

The whole Verizon thing continues to be incredibly entertaining. It’s great when someone is dealing with some minor-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things-but-incredibly-frustrating situation — and the entire blagosphere just decides to drop in commiserate, and back him up. Fun times to be had by all! Here’s my contribution:

69 thoughts on “South America, Verizon Math

  1. I did almost the same thing with a check, I had wrote -20e^Ï€i in the little $ box and on the line I had wrote “Negative 20e to the pi times i power”. When my friend tried to cash it they told him they couldn’t because e or i aren’t numbers.


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  3. Reading that check was the hardest I’ve laughed in recent memory. You should just make that the next xkcd strip, and link it to the verizonmath blog.


  4. @Tim
    I don’t know… that could be a risky proposition. They’ll probably misread it and charge you ten million.


  5. @Randall

    I put a picture of your “contribution” on my blog because it’s the funniest response I have seen yet. I have credited the photo with a link to your website, but if you want it taken off my blog just let me know.



  6. Hi. I’m from Chile. Yeah, that was very frustrating. I had to access the comic from a public proxy.

    *snickers at the contribution*


  7. Glad to here about the South American issue is fixed (writing from Argentina), had been trying to read your comic for days or weeks I think, didn’t even know you were aware of the issue. =)
    About Verizon: Hard to believe some people can be so thick…


  8. I am writting from colombia, really nice to hear the south american problem was resolved, i had to gte my fix through a public proxy.


  9. Ok Guys, This B.S. needs to stop. Yes, I am familliar with the difference in .002 dollars v. Cents. Anyone who has enough time to call Verizon Wireless and badger their hard working employees over and over is very immature. If you have something to say to me,


  10. It sounds like Richard here is Verizon call center employee — and he receives my sympathies for having to share in the reputation of the folks who actually screwed up.


  11. You might want to blur your check number, and the fractional identifiers beneath it.



  12. I love the check. To find out the amount, I fired up my copy of Mathcad. When the result came rolling out, I felt stupid for not figuring it out on my own.
    In my defense, it is now 2:24 AM here.


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  19. When he got transfered to the second person I thought ‘aw jeez; this one’s going to understand and it’s all going to get sorted, what a pain’. What I wasn’t expecting was the most confusing mathematical dialogue since Plato’s Meno.

    “Do you recognise that there’s a difference between a dollar and a cent?”
    “Do you recognize that there’s a difference between half a dollar and half a cent?”
    “Therefore you recognize that there’s a difference between .002 dollars and .002 cents.”
    “There’s no such thing as .002 dollars.”


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  21. LOL wow that is an interesting article. Funny thing is thats the same thing tyhat happened to me so i just screwed them and switched to another high speed internet service provider for DSL. They offer other broadband also, check them out:


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  33. I was playing around with the audio feature.

    And instead of saying “I am” it says “I A-M”.

    It made me giggle.


  34. she gets that $0.01 is one cent
    and she can’t see that 0.02 is larger than that?
    clearly she can only see decimal numbers in terms of dollars.
    shouldn’t she have learned conversion in grade 3 or 4?


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