Wondermark Auction for Child's Play

David Malki: He’s the author of Wondermark, in which he painstakingly scans and cleans up illustrations from his collection of 19th-century rare books, and then smears poop jokes all over them in Photoshop. He and his Sharpie collection are also the reason they have guards standing around around so many of the paintings in the Louvre. He is also the seach-and-rescue pilot who picked you up that one time when you were playing with your GPS outside Las Vegas (this line will make sense in a few weeks when you read one of the upcoming xkcd comics. TEMPORALLY UNCONVENTIONAL COMEDIC REFERENCE!). He also edited that trailer you saw a while back when you went to watch Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties for some reason.

The reason I bring this dude up is that he’s auctioning off three unique framed Wondermark poster prints via eBay auctions, the first of which is now in progress. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to Child’s Play, a charity started by webcomickers Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade to buy games for hospitalized kids to play with as they lie in their beds for weeks on end.

So, here’s a chance to put genuine art on your wall without letting go of your inherent cynicism regarding anything heartfelt! And at the same time, you can rationalize your bid by knowing that if you win, your money goes to do something good and help show that gamers and bloggers are maybe good for something beyond standing in long lines outside Best Buy at 3:00 AM. Go bid.

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