Oops (delayed post)

In today’s comic, I have the rain-stick thing happening in Jaynestown, when it actually happens in Our Mrs. Reynolds.  I lose three nerd points.

When writing the comic, I actually compiled a list of references to wood in Firefly by searching the scripts. They included Badger serving Jayne wood alcohol and Inara likening Mal’s sword technique to ‘chopping wood’ (both in Shindig). I should put it on Wikipedia so nobody has to duplicate my efforts.

Note: I actually wrote this post from the road early this morning to try to stave off the subsequent flood of email, but in my sleepiness I accidentally published it as a “page” instead of a “post” (a WordPress distinction that’s confused me before). So, all told, this was not a good day for my internet skills.  I think I’ve dropped from 1337 to 1334, maybe 1335 tops.