GoDaddy is registered with GoDaddy. This is an artifact of my registering my own domains nearly ten years ago, back when I was completely new to making websites.

I’ve always been a little uneasy about having all my domains with them, since they’ve got a long history of screwing over domain owners, but never got around to doing anything about it. A little while back, as the SOPA thing blew up, I poked davean, the xkcd sysadmin, about whether it was time to make switching to someone more geek-friendly a priority.

He’s also wanted to switch away from GoDaddy for years (and recently met with the reddit folks to chat about SOPA stuff). He’s periodically done surveys of the alternatives, but—strange as it sounds—he’s actually had trouble finding an affordable registrar with the feature set we needed. In particular, he said he had trouble finding any that support IPv6 Glue and DNSSEC via a control system that doesn’t rely on filing and waiting on support tickets, which he says (and I quote) “freaks me out” as a means of handling registrar stuff (he’s very much an style of administrator). The ones that did offer those features tended to be a little too high-priced for our large number of domains.

We’ve had a number of alternatives recommended in the past week or two, but none have quite satisfied davean’s criteria. If you know of any registrars that might work for us, you can email us at and he’ll take a look.

We’re being cautious about how we handle this switch, since GoDaddy has seemingly been obstructing transfers in a way that can leave the sites trapped in limbo. But don’t worry—it’s in the works!

208 thoughts on “GoDaddy

  1. Well, you said you were moving your domains from Godaddy in 2011. It’s now 2014, you still use Godaddy, and Godaddy has now been found to be censoring dissenting Mexican political opinions:

    US Embassy and Godaddy conspire to censor dissenting Mexican political site

    on top of all of the other evil that they do, and have done, ever since they started.

    Your continued patronage means you support them, and, indirectly, support all of their nefarious business activities.

  2. I’d suggest checking out They’re a Swiss registrar that I’ve used for over 10 years. Inexpensive, Website is clean and they offer just about every feature you’d want for free, including DNSSEC. I am actually in the process of migrating away from them because the two things they don’t support are multifactor auth for logins and private WHOIS info. But if that doesn’t bother you, I’ve found them to be a great registrar.

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  4. The ones that did offer those features tended to be a little too high-priced for our large number of domains.

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