Debate Drinking Game, New Yorker, Burlington Vermont

I am currently at the tail end of the Debate Drinking Game, wherein you take a drink every time McCain says “my friends” and Obama starts a response with “Look,”.   Since both candidates had their verbal tics under control, I just took a drink every time someone said a pronoun.  I am not in a good state.  Fortunately Google’s sobriety test has not yet extended to the WordPress default implementation.   Why would you ask for the arctan of pi/2?  Maybe it will make sense when I’m sober.

I did an interview with the New Yorker Cartoon Blog.  It’s available here.

I will be in Burlington, Vermont tomorrow, to try kite photography.  Thanks to the excellent (albeit poorly-organized) CHDK project, I’ve picked up a cheap Canon Powershot A720 and modified it to do time-lapse photography.  This makes kite photography much simpler than it’s been in the past.

If there are any readers in the Burlington area who are interested in kite flying and know of a good location, email me at  I will send out an email containing plans to anyone who contacts me, sometime soon after noon.  If you know someone in Burlington (e.g. at UVm,) let them know!  Thanks.

241 thoughts on “Debate Drinking Game, New Yorker, Burlington Vermont

  1. Completely unrelated to your blog post, but Japan and New Zealand are the semi colons to end the code of the hemispheres.

  2. “just to point out, on the east west thing, new zealand is more like a broken italy”

    Actually I’d argue that Italy is a lot like a broken Italy, but then I’m just bitter ;-)

    On a different note, New Zealand is actually pretty much exactly on the opposite side of the world to the UK and shares a very simmilar climate (although they have an actual North-South divide, whereas ours is purely sociological (Sociopathic?) and runs roughly through Birmingham

  3. >”Is it so hard to believe that some women actually prefer Nerds?”

    As a nerd, yes. It is very hard to believe :(

    I have been single a LONG time… lol

  4. I am a woman & I am proud to say I am a nerd (SF) & I have a bachelor’s in CS & plan on getting a Master’s.

  5. Funny thing, your rule 34 thing is sending people to my blog as I have you on an RSS feed. So, thanks for the few hundred extras that have been there AS OF NOW

  6. And here I thought it was Rule 34 on (the same) Rule 34, thereby creating recursive pornography. Darn.

  7. This rule 34 is creating quite a storm!
    But I don’t see it. I’ve found Wolfram’s rule 32 and 37R, and none in between?

  8. I like how the sand and rocks comic is a universe simulator, possibly the largest imaginable practical quantity of rocks, and the title of the comic is simply “A bunch of rocks”

  9. I did a search on “Wolfram Rule 34″ and kept finding articles on how searches for “Wolfram Rule 34″ have suddenly started appearing on Google’s Web trends because of this strip.
    I don’t know how weird that is, but I think the prefix “meta” needs to be used to describe it.

  10. I do believe this is it 9squirrels!
    however, as I’m not a computer scientist, it’s terribly cryptic

    here’s a site providing brief (and also cryptic) information…

    if anyone can explain what’s up here, I’d like to know… so please post it here… though as best as I can tell, it’s a rule for a class of function…

  11. Okay, this internet thing is getting way more recursive than is healthy.

    I just found myself googling “google trends wolfram rule 34″.


  12. Just told us. This wolframs rule 34 is a premeditated joke? Because it was funny to see me googling this term and found that a lot of people was doing the same.

  13. I hadn’t heard of a Roomba before todays comic, but now I want one SOOOOO much!

    Alas having just been fined €500 for speeding fear can’t quite justify that kind of expense (let alone the dueling harness)

  14. i don’t know whether I should be proud or ashamed that I knew about Wolfram’s rule 34 (though rule 30 was the interesting one, if I recall correctly) years before I knew about the other rule 34.

    Also, Guy (trapped in Italy), it just so happens that I’m from New Zealand (not far from the divide) and I ran roughly through Birmingham a couple of weeks ago (I always run roughly, I’m in too much of a hurry to do it properly.) There must be something profound about that.

  15. Hey hey xkcd geeks. I started up a site that aggregates a bunch of good comics into one place… it’s in early early beta (alpha?) so there’s still plenty of room to grow (letting users pick which comics they want to view, for example, will let me add a ton of webcomics to the list, right now they’re just ones I think are good). Alright blah blah blah, just check it out, XKCD is on it of course:

    thanks! please bookmark it too if you can and check back every once in a while for new stuff!

  16. >I hadn’t heard of a Roomba before todays comic, but now I want one SOOOOO much! sells them pretty frequently, and they’re almost always stupidly cheap.

    Of course, I don’t know if they ship to Europe. And if they did, considering how long it takes them just to ship stuff within the U.S., you might not want it anymore by the time it gets there. :P

  17. You have a lot of pawns here. When are you going to use them for your own pleasure like a normal insane man should?

  18. “ sells them pretty frequently, and they’re almost always stupidly cheap.

    Of course, I don’t know if they ship to Europe. And if they did, considering how long it takes them just to ship stuff within the U.S., you might not want it anymore by the time it gets there. :P”

    Well as I’m in Italy, even getting stuff shipped from the UK takes weeks (I would wind up in the country with the worst postal system in Europe) so an extra few weeks probably won’t make any difference (anything to relieve the boredom)

  19. I don’t understand such enthusiasm for a robotic vacuum cleaner. I mean, sure, it’s a robot of sorts, but it’s a vacuum cleaner! How often do you people vacuum? Often enough that it would make a difference? I can’t remember the last time I vacuumed, I’d much rather have a robot that could do something other than suck.

    Anyway, Felis, it doesn’t need more blagging, it just needs people to leave comments about comics on the forums instead of on the blag.

    I’m afraid to join the forums in case I get addicted.

  20. @ Angelastic:

    Perhaps you would vacuum more often if the chore required merely pushing a button on a robot?

  21. “How often do you people vacuum? Often enough that it would make a difference?”

    No, which is exactly why I now want one, it’d also encourage me not to leave random piles of crap all over the floor, not to mention scare the (afforementioned) crap out of any burglar that happened to enter while it started it’s cleaning cycle.

  22. Maybe it’s time you americans understand that tangent to the power -1 means 1 over tangent, not arctangent :)

  23. @Konstantin: Yeah, I’ll agree with you on that one, but what does it have to do with the pseudo-conversation going on? Sounds like science-obsessive Tourette’s to me. You should go get checked…

    @Angelastic: No, I seriously meant that the blag NEEDS MORE BLAGGING. This is one of the few blags, let alone webcomics, that I thoroughly enjoy reading. Plus it gives us a chance for us to lobby for Randall to create an xkcd physics textbook.

    On another note, this thread is now about bats. What’s up with that crazy echolocation of theirs?


    Also – cuntmachine: yes, it’s cynicism. that’s why it’s funny. If you don’t like it, go back to…damn… I can’t think of any countries besides the U.S…..

  25. @Kugo you’re assuming he’s in the States? surely you know the rest of the world (over here in this tent called “abroad”) also have internet ;-)

    Oh dear, I should’ve spotted the rollover text problem from last Friday (bad me) oh well, I never can seem to understand when I’m meant to use standard deviation and when to use standard error

  26. Another vote for the ‘More Blag’ crew…

    @ cuntmachine: I’m hardly a ‘fan’ of the US, and yet here I sit embarrassed by your overwhelming stupidity… 503 has to do with relative frame of reference, not some egomaniacal obsession with the US at the centre of the universe. Go find something actually worth complaining about for once in the pathetically depressing pit of despair that is your life. You’ve single-handedly caused me to doubt my faith in humanity. I hope you’re happy.

  27. Oooh, I remember the egg drop!!!

    This comic made me laugh out loud. With all the physics and programming language comics that come out of this site, I often feel like I’m on the outside looking in, even though I love the comic no matter what. But I really felt for the guy in this one. A perfect moment of of incredulous disappointment captured in stick-figure form.

  28. Yay Battlestar Galactica

    though I’m watching it online and am only half-way through series three… No Spoilers

  29. Officially no blag for the month of November… I am thoroughly depressed… /sigh. XKCD you have broken my heart… :(

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