Debate Drinking Game, New Yorker, Burlington Vermont

I am currently at the tail end of the Debate Drinking Game, wherein you take a drink every time McCain says “my friends” and Obama starts a response with “Look,”.   Since both candidates had their verbal tics under control, I just took a drink every time someone said a pronoun.  I am not in a good state.  Fortunately Google’s sobriety test has not yet extended to the WordPress default implementation.   Why would you ask for the arctan of pi/2?  Maybe it will make sense when I’m sober.

I did an interview with the New Yorker Cartoon Blog.  It’s available here.

I will be in Burlington, Vermont tomorrow, to try kite photography.  Thanks to the excellent (albeit poorly-organized) CHDK project, I’ve picked up a cheap Canon Powershot A720 and modified it to do time-lapse photography.  This makes kite photography much simpler than it’s been in the past.

If there are any readers in the Burlington area who are interested in kite flying and know of a good location, email me at  I will send out an email containing plans to anyone who contacts me, sometime soon after noon.  If you know someone in Burlington (e.g. at UVm,) let them know!  Thanks.

237 thoughts on “Debate Drinking Game, New Yorker, Burlington Vermont

  1. Ralph, you’re an idiot. Why in god’s name did you break rules 1 & 2? /b/ might be shit today, but its faggots like you that caused the shit in the first place by constantly breaking the rules.

  2. Is there a good reason that my comment from eight days ago is still awaiting moderation? I just wanted to know why Firefox 3 tooltips have a timeout.

  3. I won’t mail you $20.00, but maybe I’ll give you $20.00 worth of gold, that way it’ll still be worth something when Ron Paul and I are the only survivors of the financial apocalypse.

  4. Am I hallucinating, or did today’s comic (10/28) originally say ‘nascent memes’ and has since become ‘nacient memes’? Is this in itself some nascent/nacient meme wherein the proper spelling becomes nacient for reasons I haven’t researched yet?

  5. While I understand what you were going for, drawing the American flag backwards isn’t a good thing, and should not be associated with Tron Paul. :P

  6. look at all you snarky folks, correcting each other and pretending that you have a life.

    such nerds.

    … and yet i find it strangely arousing…

  7. eitje Says:
    While I understand what you were going for, drawing the American flag backwards isn’t a good thing, and should not be associated with Tron Paul. :P

    What do you mean “isn’t a good thing”? Do you understand what a backwards flag represents? It fits perfectly in the context.

  8. You should just stop drawing regular comics and devote yourself to political fan-fiction all day every day. It’s both entertaining and slightly surreal.

  9. The flag is forwards in the sense that the vehicle represents the flagpole.

    I was more interested in the orientation of the stars, the number of stripes, and the rare use of colour in xkcd.

  10. i’m telling you! RANDALL MUNROE MUST BE STOPPED.
    he is getting too powerful! do you even believe for one second that he doesn’t perfectly realise the power he is wielding?! he is going to impose tyrannical rule upon the internet! Citizens of the internet. NOW is the great war of our time! he must be stopped at all costs! The next time he makes some inane suggestion like attacking Wikipedia’s articles or nominating a secretary of the internet, please see through his blasphemous falsehoods!!!

  11. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but Wikipedia and Berkley Breathed’s sites are not loading.
    Could “Secretary” be coming true?

  12. loved the 1999 comic… but you forgot to illustrate all of your “magic: the gathering” cards falling out of your collector binder.

  13. So yesterday I get sent a xkcd comic (friend was helping me resolve my depression over a late literary criticism paper (see impostor)), and end up reading all of them in 1 night. Today I find out your in Burlington… coincidence? Anyway, for good kite flying you have some options. If you want a nice quite open area, there is a big park off of Dorset street about 1.6 miles from Williston road (google earth has the details). I think that place has enough room to fly a kite, another smaller park is next to Locus street called Callahan Park. I must say Vermont has too big of an obsession with trees, so kite flying is possible but not optimal unless you search hard.

  14. Don’t drink and derive…alcohol and calculus don’t mix. (Granted, you’re looking for integrals and not derivatives, but it gets the point across)

  15. Funny thing about the “Scantron” comic (#499) is that a #1 pencil would have worked just fine.

  16. GOD my cock is so hard right now. Would everyone like to see it?

    I am getting it out now so you can all have a look!


    Sorry, my 16yo gf walked in, she went to change into something more comfortable.

    So, whaddya think everyone .. jealous? Also, I am on a boat, relatively speaking.

    So I herd you liek mudkips?


  17. Funny thing about the “Scantron” comic (#499) is that a #1 pencil would have worked just fine.

    Thanks for explaining the joke.

    First I thought you were being serious about the sobriety test but then I clicked on the link to the picture of it…haha, fool me once shame on you, fool me 89? times, shame on me.

    are you even allowed to have a non-integer number on the top of a summation sign??

  18. Is it just me, or has the websites formatting exploded? I’m getting everything left-aligned, without those fancy sorting box thingies. Or a background. It’s kind of like an early 90′s website, except somebody tilted the server so all the data fell to one side.

  19. Also, Recently I accidentally filled out a scantron form with a #2.5 pencil.

    It didn’t explode, but it did burn constantly.

  20. Well, either you work really fast really early or the problem fixed itself.


  21. I was playing around with the audio feature.

    And instead of saying “I am” it says “I A-M”.

    It made me giggle.

  22. If it’s already been mentioned, I apologize, but I wasn’t about to read 134 comments to check.

    As far as political drinking games are concerned, every time Palin says, “Maverick” often gets you pretty drunk pretty fast.

  23. All matter is lonely, and the observed force called gravity is Love in action.

    (And this is why scientists will never spot a graviton.)

  24. the person who managed to plant the fear from velociraptors into the collective subconscious of our generation, has passed away. :(

  25. …Because, you know, I’d TOTALLY go down on that smart/sexy science stud SO HARD he’d turn stupid.

  26. Well the “East-West” map is only confusing if you make the mistake of thinking America is the centre of the world (it isn’t), but the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in it’s appropriate place in the centre and it all fits perfectly!

  27. >…Because, you know, I’d TOTALLY go down on that smart/sexy science stud SO HARD he’d turn stupid.

    That would be a shame if it worked. Why would you want to deprive the rest of us?

    Re: “Terminology”

    Wheeeee, Eurocentrism!

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