A List

I was cleaning my room when I found this list in a pile of papers: It’s my handwriting from the last couple years, and it looks faintly familiar, but for the life of me I have no idea what it means or why I wrote it. … can anyone help figure this one out?

Hooray robots!

A number of people have asked me about building the robot sketched in yesterday’s strip. You’re definitely welcome to, and I’d love to see the results. There are a couple engineering details that might trip you up. Rotating the webcam is one of them — I don’t make this explicit, but the idea in the […]

Two Female Leads

Quick, name a few recent popular movies where the two top-billed stars are female. Here’s a miscellaneous survey I just did, tallied by gender of top billed/second billed star:   M/M M/F F/M F/F 20 biggest movies of 2007 10 10 0 0 20 biggest movies of 2006 11 7 0 2 20 biggest movies […]