What If book tour!

My book, What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, comes out September 2nd (Pre-order: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound), and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be going on a book tour!

Here’s the event list:

Tuesday, September 2

Harvard Book Store at Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle St.
6:00pm (Seating is limited) – Note: this event is now sold out! But, you can still pre-order a signed copy (link below).
Tickets: $26 tickets on sale August 12 at 9am ET, includes one book, one seat.
More details: http://www.harvard.com/event/randall_munroe/
Pre-order a limited number of signed copies of What If? from Harvard Book Store.

Friday, September 5
Barnes & Noble – Union Square
33 E 17th St.
Open event, seating is first come first serve.
More details: http://store-locator.barnesandnoble.com/event/84245

Tuesday, September 9
Town Hall Seattle
1119 8th Ave.
Seating is limited – Note: this event is now sold out!
Tickets: $5, one seat
More details: http://www.townhallseattle.org/randall-munroe-answering-what-if/

Wednesday, September 10
The Booksmith at Public Works
161 Erie St.
Seating is limited – Note: this event is now sold out!
Tickets: $34 includes one book, general admission; $20 general admission
The bar at Public Works will be serving drinks before, during, and after the program. This event is necessarily limited to people 21 and older.
More details: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/772183

Thursday, September 11
Berkeley Arts & Lectures at the Hillside Club
2286 Cedar St.
Seating is limited – Note: this event is now sold out!
Tickets: $10 with student ID; $15 general admission
More details: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/772197

Friday, September 12
Google+ Hangout On Air moderated by Hank Green
Location: Online/Various
3:30pm PT/ 6:30pm ET
Note: Anyone can view the Hangout live on YouTube (Friday, 9/12, 3:30pm PT), but only 4-6 xkcd readers will be selected using this form  to participate and ask questions within the Hangout itself. Apply for a chance to participate in the Hangout by Monday, August 25.

Sunday, September 14
Live Talks LA
An afternoon with Randall Munroe
The Aero Theatre
1328 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica
Seating is limited
Tickets: $43 includes one book, one reserved seat; $20 general admission
More details: http://livetalksla.org/blog/2014/07/13/september-14-randall-munroe/

Hope to see you there!

1,087 thoughts on “What If book tour!

  1. Entirely not enough London involved. Shame on you for your lack of improbable but interesting statistical outliers.

  2. -clears throat-

    You’ve got a big following in the UK. Do a poll or something. See if it’d be fiscally viable. Because a lot of us would love to meet you and act like you’re a more important person than the rest of us for a little while.

    It helps with the feeling like the celebrity status quo isn’t all bad, and that /one of us/ is in it.

    So, essentially:

    Come to the UK, Randall. You know you want to.

  3. Wow talk about flyover country. East East Weeeeeeeeeest

    Good luck! I’m getting your book, but I guess it wont be signed

  4. Can I show up with a book at an event (without a ticket) and get it signed? Your Bay Area events are all sold out!

  5. I am surprised you are not making an appearance at my local bookstore. Powell’s Books in Portland Oregon is the worlds largest independent new and used bookstore. Please come to Portland!!!

  6. Sadly my local event (Cambridge) sold out while I was on an off-line vacation. However my signed books came TODAY (Labor Day, a federal/bank/postal holiday for those outside of the US).

  7. I hope your tour goes really well starting tomorrow. I also hope you come to Ontario some time. You can visit London AND Paris without crossing an ocean or leaving your time zone.

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  9. There is also not nearly enough Texas on this list. New York and California are just a little too far away.

  10. :sigh:

    Not only that you don’t come over to read in the ol’ continent (where some people would piss their pants in delight if you did!), but Amazon charges us 17.50€ (instead of about 11 something, equaling 15$) to buy your book.

    What a sad, neo-commercialised world this is. Need to scroll a bit at today’s XKCD to distract meself from being awful sad…

  11. Who is going to the Seattle event? I will be travelling up from Portland, wouldn’t mind company. keithl AT server-sky DOT com

    “I hope to die quietly in my sleep, like my grandfather, not screaming like his passengers.”

  12. BTW, as of Weds Sept 3, Powells Books in Portland doesn’t even stock the book (local warehouse == 3rd party distributor)! Whereas every Barnes and Noble store in the area has stock, and the one I visited had a stack of a dozen copies by the cash register, 20% off. No wonder Randall isn’t stopping in Portland.

  13. Would have loved to meet you, but the NYC Barnes & Noble just threw out everyone standing in the back that didn’t buy a book from them. Too bad I bought my copy on Amazon (Kindle) so I wasn’t allowed to stay for your event.

  14. Hahaha Andrew let’s have a pity party for you. More like too bad you decided to “buy” data and forgot a) there’s something called fire code b) hard copies beat shitty ebooks to the ground and c) you could have come early (as if) and spent a paltry $20 like the rest of us, then sold the book via eBay or amazon for a tidy profit or given it to a loved one. I came at literally 5:45 and I had no problem getting in the audience, it was a great presentation.

  15. Congratulations on such a successful book launch. It is certainly well deserved! Is it weird that I keep looking at Time to see if the story resumes?

  16. Litvinenko was not assassinated by a polonium tipped umbrella. He was slipped polonium in a drink.The umbrella incident was in 1978 when Georgi Markov was injected with a ricin laced pellet.

  17. So excited I got your book!! I love reading it!! Wish you were coming to Phoenix Arizona though :(

  18. I’m happy to say that my copy arrived from Amazon.co.uk just in time for my 50th Birthday. I really enjoyed the UK intro, and I’m just old enough to have been through all the moaning when our currency was decimalised, so a very apt present to myself. Great book. :D

  19. I drove three hours from Portland and saw Randall’s presentation at Town Hall in Seattle last night. About 1000 attendees, the place was packed. The line for questions was 15 people (about 10 answered) and the line for the book signing was 200. I did not bother, I figured they would close the hall before he got to everyone.

    This was probably Randall’s biggest live audience ever, and he was endearingly nervous, but he soldiered on, seemingly extemporaneously. Good showing, especially given that he was three hours jetlagged. The audience was enthusiastic and supportive.

  20. So, why did you list an international version for Spain, but not for the enormous number of Spanish-speaking countries? Is your publisher really planning to limit the Spanish-language version just to Spain and ignore the enormous LatAm market?

    Beyond greatly expanding sales, there are some awesome places that you should go on expense-paid tour in Central & South America!

  21. In all fairness, parasailing is really lame. I tried it at Virginia Beach once (during Fall Break from CNU), thinking it would be a cool step on the way to hopefully skydiving someday, and was horribly underwhelmed by the experience.

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