Odd Temporal Milestones

The first Star Trek episode aired closer in time to the ratification of the 19th Amendment—guaranteeing women in the US the right to vote—than to today.

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  1. Unfortunately, I think that says more about the way our country did (and still does) treat women as inherently inferior, and less about how old the Star Trek series is.

  2. I add my praise for “Click and Drag”. It is a masterpiece in conception and execution. I spent hours exploring, and literally reached little more than the surface. The mystery of what illustrations may occupy the billions (trillions?) of square pixels hidden away from the world’s edge and never be found is part of the work’s charm.

  3. Just recently started to watch ALL of Star Trek as I haven’t seen it before, finished TOS last week and am 14 episodes into TNG, it is rather evident how women themselves are treated a tad differently in both of the series. In TOS women were still given more subordinate assignments/positions even if it wasn’t meant that way (the TOS finale went on about how a women couldn’t be a captain or something of that nature.) About 10 episodes into TNG, they visit a race where women are the superior. They find it odd but unlike TOS, they really press that women and men are equal. Think about the culture at the time of filming both of the series, and how we are just now truly approaching gender equality… but still not quite there yet. I am not anywhere near done with TNG but from what I can tell, they are more supportive of females in power roles.

    Also, thanks for all the laughs!

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  5. I’ve always loved the snowclone, but wonder whether it ought to be reworded so that it’s easier to deliver punchily; when I tell it to someone new, it always takes them a few moments to absorb.

    What about “X happened closer to Y than now” (or “X happened closer to now than Y”)? For example, “the first Star Trek episode aired closer to the passage of women’s suffrage in the US than now.” Meh. . . it *reads* okay, but it *sounds* a bit too terse when said out loud.

    Would it be crazy to add a 0-to-100 angle, or is that just making it more complex?

    For example, “if ‘passage of women’s suffrage in the US’ happened at 0, and ‘now’ is 100, ‘the first Star Trek episode’ happened at 49.9.”

    Or “if ‘Elvis’s first #1 single’ happened at 0, and ‘now’ is 100, ‘Thriller’ happened at 47.”

    Or “if ‘the completion of the pyramid of Giza’ is 0 and ‘now’ is 100, ‘Cleopatra died’ happened at 55.”

  6. Eric, welcome to the Trek family! Lol. I hope you’re enjoying (or enjoyed) TNG, as it is definitely my favourite overall. If you’re looking for more feminist views coming forward in Trek, though, Voyager should be a real treat :) DS9 is excellent, too.

    PS. I would advise skipping the last season of Enterprise.

  7. This is completely unrelated, but after seeing comic 1110 “click and drag”, I really want you to make a witty side-scrolling adventure game. His can we make this happen?

  8. This is completely unrelated, but after seeing comic 1110 “click and drag”, I really want you to make a side-scrolling adventure puzzler game. How can we make this happen?

  9. Its a bit weird how far ahead people thought things like travel would be (although considering we went from not being able to fly to being on the moon in just 60 years, I can see why), but the computer tech was not imagined to be as advanced as it is.

    Loved the click and drag. I’m still searching down all the holes in hopes of finding a Balrog.

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  11. @Luke – I show my students a clip of JFK’s speech at Rice University (‘We choose to go to the moon … not because it is easy but because it is hard’). When he’s listing challenges at one point he says, “Why, 35 years ago, [did we] fly the Atlantic?”

    That speech was given 40 years ago. Can’t help feeling things have stalled on that front a touch as of late.

  12. I agree with Luke, I recently watched ToS and TNG, and am currently watching DS9. It’s weird how “Red Alert” has it’s own single purpose signs, and that when in a battle, the computer doesn’t automatically rebalance power to the shields and away from non-critical systems.

  13. I officially hate you and love you for “Click and Drag” -.- I have to work early and yet I am COMPELLED to try and discover everything!!

  14. - Star Wars was released closer to WWII than today.
    - The Korean War was ten years closer to the Wright brother’s first flight than to the present (and it officially hasn’t ended).
    - When Mickey Mouse first appeared, California had been part of the US for shorter than the time that has elapsed since.
    - If US Independence occurred at midnight this morning, and we’re now at midnight tonight, the first intercity railway popped up a little before 5am, the telephone appeared at 9:45am, and the first electric car was built at 10:30am.

  15. My professor made the statement to the class, “I was born in the first half of the last century”. That really makes it sound like he’s quite old.

  16. I just (12 October 2012) did a google trends search on “blog” and “tumblr” after viewing comic 1043…. I think you called it, Randall.

  17. Apologies that this is out of context. I am working my way through the blag while reading, and came across story by Robert Silverberg, “Our Lady of the Sauropods”. You may prefer NOT to read it!

  18. My late great grandmother was born in 1907. Before she passed away in 1997, she sat me down and told me, in great detail, the story her grandfather told her of where he was when president Lincoln was shot. That story permanently altered my perception of time from that day forward.

  19. Loved Comic 1122, but John Adams (1735-1826) was still alive when his son J.Q. Adams was elected president, but his mother died in 1818 so it might be true Grant was the first president with both of his parents still alive. I was also going to comment that Jefferson was elected in 1800, not Adams, but you beat me to it.

  20. Yup. Another thing to consider re Star Trek for me. When I saw the Google Doodle on the original Star Trek a few weeks ago I decided it was time to go back and watch the original series. I was stunned at the level of sexism. Case in point Apollo’s Children where the girlfriend (and Star Fleet officer!) of Scotty was a subject of discussion that if they married Kirk would lose an officer. Did I say stunned? On a high setting. The world may be getting crazier but in ways it is also getting so much better. My daughter has no relationship to this kind of sexism.

  21. This was particularly disappointing. For one thing, the first star trek episode was in 1966. That’s closer to the ratification of the 19th amendment (1925) than today (2012) by exactly 46 years. That’s not a very big deal. In fact every moment in history NOT in the intervening 46 years is exactly 46 years closer to the first star trek episode. Just think of it the Napoleonic Wars, the Advent of Christ, the first primordial slug all were exactly 46 years closer to the first star trek episode than today.

    Not only that, but the intervening years are cut evenly between between the two dates so that it is only events after 1989 that are closer to us today than the first Star Trek episode. My youngest sibling is just this side of that line. However, as history goes on that line moves further into the future making more and more of the past on the side of Bill and Leonard.

    What I think would be interesting is as statement like this:
    There have been as many years from the 19th amendment (1925) until today (2013) as there were from the first telegraph demonstration (1838) until the 19th amendment. Dates like that are fun. It’s what happened exactly half way between today and some point in history. A fun little tuple.

    In 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed. Halfway between then and now, what were people doing? Flocking to movie theaters to see someone sneeze (1894).

  22. (Actually, it works fine for the Big Band. It’s the Big BANG it doesn’t work for. ^^;;)

  23. Hey. The link to the current “what if” is missing from the front page this week.

    Also, love your comic.

  24. Saw this [http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/1277187--live-shark-falls-from-sky-onto-california-golf-course] and immediately thought of this [http://xkcd.com/585/].

  25. @Brian – I think you misread the blagpost – it says that Star Trek was closer to the 19th Amendment that Star Trek is to us today, not that Star Trek was closer to the 19th Amendment than we are today.

    The reason it was brought up was that the ratification of the 19th Amendment (August 18th 1920 according to Wikipedia) was 46 years 21 days before the first airing of Star Trek (September 8th 1966 according to Wikipedia) – 16822 days (taking account of the 11 intervening leap days). Meanwhile, the post was made 46 years 21 days after the first airing of Star Trek (September 29th 2012 according to the timestamp) – 16823 days (taking account of the 12 intervening leap days).

    So the first airing of Star Trek was closer in time to the ratification of the 19th amendment than the first airing of Star Trek was to this blagpost by about one day (depending on the precise times of day the three happened)

  26. Filed under “you have to mention it once you figure it out”: Green cows would save approx 87 million a year worldwide.

    Green CATS, on the other hand, might produce more energy than we could handle.

    (My calculations included approximations of cat surface area based on one cat taking up 80% of a Queen-sized bed, though. YMMV. Also, cats are already adept at presenting optimal surface area to the sun.)

  27. It’s always amusing to see a US view of political positions that labels some US elected officials as “far left”. Of course, from a global perspective, the most left wing person elected to Congress or Senate would be categorised as “centre right” or, at a push, “centre left”. Now you guys need to go and make the four yearly choice between Far Right and Further Right…

  28. Hello Randall, I hope you and your loved ones are okay. Best wishes and much support for all of you in the US and Canada.

  29. OK, and so but yeah, the “What If” question reads “What would it take to stop an out-of-control freight train using only b.b. guns?” But Randall – and, honestly, I am a little bit stunned to be saying this – your answer ONLY INVOLVES A LOCOMOTIVE, NOT A TRAIN, which, by definition, is “A series of railroad cars moved as a unit by a locomotive.” So . . . as fun as it was, ALL of your math is WAY off (depending on how long the “train” is). As for your early dodge, i.e., all those head-on, point-blank shooters who are miraculously whisked out of the way of said on-rushing locomotive? Really? REALLY? This? from the same guy who elucidated in much fun detail the utterly grotesque outcome of a mole of moles? Surely you can do better. AND with illustrations! Please (after all, anyone who goes hunting trains with BB guns by standing on the tracks and shooting from point-blank range deserves to get out of the gene-pool.)(color in the your answer is optional)(and, yes, it was a very rough day at the office; why do you ask?)(and yes, out of respect, I close all parenthetical comments)?

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