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  1. I might be a little late to the party but congratulations nonetheless! I love xkcd & wish you guys a long, happy life together.

  2. Just seeing this, because I don’t typically view the blog, but something drew me here tonight, and kept me scrolling down…
    You posted this on my birthday, which makes me even happier than I would have been for the news otherwise (and that was already plenty happy).

    Mazal tov! (1029′s ALT text is the greatest. That’s what started me off delving into the site tonight)

  3. Randall Munroe–a quote of yours was posted on the school I work for web site and I noticed your last name–MUNROE. That is my maiden name and since the is not that many MUNROE’s with that spelling, I wondered if we are related. My paternal grand father is Harold E. Munroe, who lived a big part of his life in Colorado. Anyway, you don’t need my full family history…I was just curious. You can email me if you like.

  4. Big awesomeness.

    Terrifying isn’t it.. I know when it happened to me (Oh the trauma) I nearly cried several times….

    Truly the most awesome day of my life… It was like doing the most extreme sport and loving it.

    I hope that your wife is as awesome as mine (Can you guess that I truly love her so much?).

  5. Saw today’s xkcd, didn’t know you even had a blog when I followed the explanation link. Then I kept reading, I went from being all sad for you to way happy for you. Here’s to the best of times for you. And thanks for xkcd, it’s always a day brightener for me.

  6. It’s the best thing that can happen to you. Aside from having kids. ;)

  7. It’s the best thing that can happen to you! Aside from having kids. ;)

  8. I just got married, too! And I’m happy to be the 1024th poster to congratulate you — I do love round numbers. :)

  9. This spotting of such a monumentally wonderful point in the life of my absolute favourite web comic shouldn’t have surprised me as I–for the first time–meandered through the blag, but I’m sure you’ll understand: the epitaph on my tombstone has long been understood to friends to be inscribed as “There Were Too Many Variables.” (You have full permission to use that line if you can, by the way) Anyway, I want to belatedly express my deepest congratulations (even as a complete frracking stranger) for your victory over life’s varied variables in marrying The One. My parents celebrated their 47th last week, with my father posting “still madly in love” on his Facebook page: They’re old, you’re both young: break their record, once all is said and done for them in this life.

    And, keep being a web comic! I rue the day when I share the xkcd link to a friend or student and they get a 404! You enrich so many lives…and sometimes make my tummy ache with the mouse-overs!

  10. Add mine to the congrats! I remember reading about your fiance’s struggle with breast cancer – think I may have sent you some supportive wishes at that time, but didn’t realize you had this blog until I clicked the text. As one who has been fortunate to be married 30+ years, I hope you two get as much happiness as we have had and more. And altho I am not a techie (I am an MD), I too rue the day that clicking on XKCD gives me a 404!

  11. Reading over comic 1048, I thought again about replying to one of your blags. When you posted last year about your (now) wife’s illness, I had thought to offer some encouraging words, but assumed they would be lost in the throng. Reading this entry when it was posted, I was overjoyed! Again, I said nothing. For some reason, today I decided to reply. Four years ago this May, after a particularly bad flare up of rheumatoid arthritis, I went into the hospital with Stevens Johnson syndrome. I lost 85% of my skin and have been undergoing numerous eye surgeries since to keep my sight. Regardless, I am happy and leading a lovely life. The important part of my story is that I would never have survived the ordeal or the years that have followed without the support of my family and friends. I applaud you not for loving this amazing woman but for sticking around through the difficult times. Hold her tight when she cries. Watch the movie Love & Other Drugs and try to understand the insecurities that come with a life-altering illness. Keep her close. There will be no other who can teach you more about your own life and ability to live it. I offer you congratulations! And best wishes to this wonderful woman in your life.

  12. Auspicious day – my parents got married on that day in 1953; They’re in their 80s now and on your wedding day, they marked 58 years together. I wish you the same happiness!

  13. My belated congratulations as well! I’m sure that you and your families will go on to share many years of happiness. Your webcomic has inspired in the whole gamut of emotions, and sometimes you’ve really inspired in me. You’re a good man, Randall Munroe.

  14. Very belated well wishing! I panicked on today’s cancer message and had to make my way through the blog….

    Wishing you a long and fruitful (expecting father gushes here) together!

  15. Saw the comic you posted the other day regarding “causes for emotion” and it lead me down the the path until I reached this entry. Congratulations on this auspicious occasion.

    Part of what piqued my curiosity was that my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. She’ll be going in for a lumpectomy next week.

    Sort of hit us like a freight train, and the comic brought that home. If you were to throw in a layer that included “birth of third child” and it’d be my life.

  16. Saw “Causes of my emotions” comic which led me here, to wish you a belated congratulations on your wedding! So glad to hear she’s doing better. I’ve never met you or your wife, but still I’m thinking of you both and wishing you many years of happiness together. =)

  17. Congratulations! I had never checked the Blag before your cancer post, Healing wishes! And thanks so much for creating such a fun and cool comic! I really enjoyed the ocean chart, future marine biologist here.

  18. I’m really late to the party it seems. I’d never read the blag before and just sucked up about half of it. I’m sure there was something else I was doing just a few hours ago…
    Anyway, congratulations! Go make more Munroes, two of you is not enough!

  19. Late to the party (as usual) but I just wanted to say מזל טוב (mazel tov) and best wishes for many many years of happiness to you both.

    Our whole family adores your comic. Please keep doing what you do so well! :) Thank you.

  20. Congratulations! I’m also a newlywed, so I can understand the joy that brings. I was happy to hear that the now-Mrs. is doing well with treatments. My father had prostate cancer, but his battle was short and resolved quickly with surgery, so I cannot even begin to fathom what it has been like for the two of you since her diagnosis. Know that prayers, kind thoughts, and best wishes are lifted up daily for both of you!

  21. You got married just 8 days after me! September was a great time to get married. :) Congrats to you and your wife!

    Like many others, I navigated to this blog via the post about your (now) wife’s struggle with cancer. I hope she’s doing well! I was reading through the recent blog posts for mention of her.

    Thank you for making such an amazing comic. I read so many of these comics and am shocked at how accurately you portray life and all its mysteries. (Especially in http://xkcd.com/231/ – my husband acts EXACTLY like this with our cat!) I love reading and re-reading your comic, and I hope you continue it for a long, long time. Thank you for all the joys, laughs, and beautiful truths you have brought us with your work. Keep creating! :D

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  23. So late – but so pleased to hear about this (even if I’m writing this on your 10 Month Anniversary!)

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