xkcd: volume 0

The xkcd book is now officially available in the store! (There are also a handful of new shirts available for preorder, and we’ve got the signed prints back in stock).

It’s been fun putting it all together.  It was neat to go back through various huge stacks of old drawings, some on the back of school assignments, and scan them at print resolution.  I also had fun with the marginal notes.  I’m really excited to finally have it in print, and I’m looking forward to seeing people and signing copies at the release events this weekend.  I’m also excited about getting back to work on some other projects which have been on hold for a bit, at least one of which will involve lakes and a recently-acquired Arduino.

P.S. Thank you so much for the help with the phone this weekend.  Through a bizarre set of exploits, I’ve gotten it unlocked without losing any data (for details, see the edits to the previous post).

158 thoughts on “xkcd: volume 0

  1. Hmmm… I just can’t understand why shipping is $21 to Australia. For a book…

    It almost seems like the shipping calculation on paypal is based on random, entirely non-bookish parameters. Shipping does not need to cost that much.

    Anyway. Lots of Meh.
    And an Alas.

  2. I got the book today!!! Literally made my week. Thanks for making the book! Can’t wait for XKCD Volume 1!

  3. Got the book yesterday, read it all in one day. However, I did note some printing errors with ink splotches. Minor defects, but my self-diagnosed OCD would not let me ignore it. Great work nonetheless!

  4. Can we have a ISBN so my local bookstore can order it for me, sadly I agree with flashback that shipping directly from the US is too expensive for me…

  5. @Ijon
    Here in Australia we are further away than anywhere else it ships to. But, if you buy multiple items, you still pay only $21. So I got myself a copy, a signed copy as a Christmas present, and a tie…..all shipped for $21. If it still bothers you, you can come over to my place and enjoy the book with me. I may or may not be wearing the tie as a bandanna and doing my Rambo impersonation.

  6. Available in area libraries soon, I trust?

    Leave one copy by the linear algebra text books and one by the collected works of Byron, wait for two lonely students, and hope they don’t have an eye for recursive media.

  7. shipping of 10 books to germany is still 15$ .. so 195 in total or 19,50$ per book. anyone interested in a sammelbestellung? :-)

  8. This is in reply to today’s comic. V. cute, and who can’t sympathize with the poor guy?

    It reminds me of a study that (seemed to) show that men’s biggest fear about dating was being laughed at; women’s biggest fear was being killed.

    But I’m sure that doesn’t have anything to do with your situation.


  9. Ordering my book and the woodpecker shirt now, but I was pretty tempted by the tech support shirt. I don’t know how effective it would be as a shirt, though.

    I’d buy it as a poster, no question.

  10. @Rose (September 19, 2009 at 10:06 pm)

    Sounds like a crazy idea but I like it, It’d be good to split the shipping costs to Brisbane.

  11. do you seriously make enough money to live comfortably solely due to this? i’m not a hardcore xkcd fan. read it every so often when i have time, but i’d be amazed if there are enough donating fans that you can enjoy doing what you love.

    either way, cheers and thanks for the entertainment.

  12. Ship the goddamn signed books already… Otherwise, I’m recommending kite-based great white baiting…. I guarantee a good view!

  13. Yeah, sadly I’m really regretting buying a signed book. I’m lucky enough to have gotten it at the morning lower price. Perhaps he realized how much his hand was going to hurt by the afternoon and bumped the price up? Still, I was expecting a week extra delay, but I’ve heard nothing to suggest that anyone has received a signed book yet, even in the states.

  14. I’m in the States (California to be exact) and I haven’t received a signed copy yet. Someone mentioned the morning cheaper price and then the increased price, I’m curious which I got. Regardless, money well spent assuming the signatures get completed.

  15. I ordered the signed copy. I am also in PA. I still haven’t gotten it. Does he send a shipping confirmation e-mail? I bought the book at a the higher price, but I knew that it was for two good causes, so I had no problem paying the higher price.

    Lovin’ the Raptor shirt, buy the way.

  16. Our group used an Arduino board to build an Automated model shipyard crane this summer for my final project in engineering. It’s a solid piece of hardware. I think I’m going to buy one for myself as our computer engineer took it as his own.

    Youtube link of it in action:

  17. $21 to AU isn’t bad – I’ve seen shipping costs of $45+ for anything physical from the US.

  18. It’s getting to the point where I’m considering canceling. Please send the signed books, address the hold-up in a blag post, or allow those of us who have ordered to switch to the non-signed books. Would be willing to keep the same price if that extra $10 is going to the building of schools. Don’t get me wrong, Randall has earned the money for the book content, but the $10+ for a signature which takes 3 weeks to write would be better spent on the construction of a school.

  19. Hey I would be interested in “Sammelbestellung” to Germany… Lass mal E-Mail Adressen tauschen, oder kennt jemand die ISBN?

  20. Oh, Eric – the morning price was 28, I believe ($10 more than the normal price). I forget what it went up to a few hours later, but I think it was an additional 7 or 8 dollars.

  21. Got my copy in. Wonderful book. Read through today. now to figure out what the hell the pages are numbered as. a nice addition.

  22. Still haven’t received a shipping notice. Also starting to consider cancelling give it’s been almost a month and there hasn’t been the slightest word on it.

  23. For everyone who wants to participate in a sammelbestellung (or as dict.leo.org translates: omnibus order… i love this translation ;) ) join the studivz/meinvz xkcd (the largest) group and write in the threat.


  24. Got my signed copy today!!!! I live in Ohio, btw. And I want my $7 back Randall, you’re getting carpal tunnel from drawing the comics anyways, and I’m not paying for your surgery. J/K I hope I can check XKCD regularly from Afghanistan.

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  26. I’m in Knoxville, TN. I got my signed copy of the book about noon yesterday, and my shipping confirmation email about 5 hours later… -_-

    Regardless, I’m very pleased. Great work, Randall!

  27. Recieved the signed copy today here in western PA. I ordered towards the afternoon, and talked a bit with Randall over the past weeks. He upped the signing cost because of the huge volume of people buying the signed copies: So many more people than he initially planned for wanted the signature for the extra $10 (which was more than he thought it should cost in the first place) that he upped the signature to $17 and was still shocked at the sheer number of signed copies. Regardless, it seems the signed copies are now making their way to their destinations, so if you still haven’t gotten it (and you’re anywhere near the eastern US, I suppose) it should come soon. Unfortunately, I don’t know how long it will take for anything international or the west coast of the US, so if that applies to you, I apologize.

  28. Oh, in reference to the above comment: By “today” I mean Saturday the 10th. It was here when I got off work at 2PM.

  29. It’s hard for me to believe, shipping is only 15$ for 2 artikels to Austria, do I have to pay customs? How long will it take approximately (air-mail?)?

  30. Got the “signed” copy today… really doesn’t look hand-signed tho. Does anyone know if the unsigned copy also has a little signature and drawing under the title page?

  31. You really think secretly printing two different versions of the book would be more economical than signing some of the copies? Or, if there is only one edition, that Randall was expecting that lying to all of us about signing some of the copies was going to work?

  32. Hi! Totally going to order that XKCD book. I’m very excited. Gah I was typing this and accidently knocked over my glass of water, drowning my iPhone and also my PC on the floor. Seems both still works though :)

  33. Sie amk. I was so sorry to hear what you were going through since November….and seeing your Monday April 4 comic – I wonder if things are better or how you’re coping up with the illness in your family. Your comic strip has made so many, many of us laugh through the years and have a sense of humor about life through our tough times, wishing you strength during yours. vay ak.

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