I’ll be at Connecticon in Hartford, CT this weekend!  There are some cool people there – I’ll be on a panel with the Cyanide and Happiness guys.  If you’re in the area, come say hi!  I should have mentioned Connecticon earlier, but I’ve been busy finishing up a project – more on that later!

Note: Some of the stuff in the article is no longer accurate – since then, I’ve gone back and redone the layout and comic selection myself.

146 thoughts on “Connecticon

  1. @Anonymous Coward:

    The purpose of the book is to provide fans with a piece of xkcd memorabilia, and to make a little extra money off of the comic. However, Randall is a fan of the creative commons, so we will still be able to easily access the comics electronically (right?)

  2. I hadn’t realized that there was any way to make The Little Prince more sad. I have been corrected.

  3. You have made me so sad, I want to show ‘Asteroid’ to my French teacher and cry. That is all. Pauvre Petit Prince.

  4. Holy shit, I want one of these books. I NEED one. Any way to preorder? And how about the chances to get the book shipped to Austria?

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  7. @OchoHa!: the article says that the mouseovers will appear in tiny text where the copyright notice would normally be.

  8. +1 for preorder.

    I can’t see a downside and that way you could have a better sense of the demand.

  9. Randall,

    Please do a pre-order.
    Otherwise you guys run the risk of drastically underestimating the level of demand and leaving us bookless!

  10. Hey Randall, Will Wright used your Map of the Internet in his keynote speech at SIGGRAPH today, just thought you might like to know. ;)

  11. +10 for preorder, unless there is a limit. I want one for myself, one for my sister, 5 for friends, and 3 for other family members…

  12. Also, I think recaptcha could help enforce good coding practice in the hacking community by including more backslashes. Gotta love escape chars!

  13. Yes, a preorder would be great! When I read about your project, the first thing I did was to check with Amazon whether it was already listed.

  14. Hey there!

    It was totally awesome to meet you last weekend. Thanks so much for the enormous hug and signed drawing! Combined, they completely made my day. :P

  15. Why does the guy need 91% of his weight in bricks in the latest comic? Wouldn’t that make it HARDER for him to generate 9% of his body weight in lift?

  16. Harry: For the counterweight. 91% of his weight as a counterweight == while he’s in the air, he’s ‘weighing’ 9% of his proper weight.

    I’d order the book if I could. Sadly, not.

  17. Pre-order definitely a good idea.

    Captcha: “excess anthropology”

    Who put anthropology in the Captcha dictionary?

  18. Love the new comic. I once went to an undergrad class after 48 hours of being awake. My mind started dropping audio and video frames during the lecture. It was pretty entertaining.

  19. I fear the haiku fails. Top prime’s divisors? You need to consider the product of all the primes up to the (assumed) top.

    What’s a divisor
    of 1 + product of primes?
    Q.E.D., bitches!

  20. Sorry, the latest strip just leaves me going HUH? “top prime’s divisors”????? DIVISORS?????? What the?

  21. Woot! I saw that article in the NY Times a few months back and smiled.

    EXACTLY like this—> XD

  22. Can’t quickly see another way to suggest, so… I’m suggesting an xkcd episode somehow utilizing Penrose Tiles, perhaps on the floor or ceiling or an improved cellular phone tower locator… I’m sure you’ll come up with something great.

  23. Seriously, the most recent comic isn’t right, as jake said.

    The Top Prime’s Divisor’s are itself and 1… Their product is the same top prime, and that plus one is an even number, which is NOT prime… so fail. But still.

    Beanbags Kay

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