I’ll be at Connecticon in Hartford, CT this weekend!  There are some cool people there – I’ll be on a panel with the Cyanide and Happiness guys.  If you’re in the area, come say hi!  I should have mentioned Connecticon earlier, but I’ve been busy finishing up a project – more on that later!

Note: Some of the stuff in the article is no longer accurate – since then, I’ve gone back and redone the layout and comic selection myself.

148 thoughts on “Connecticon

  1. I was literally just reading through your comics, wishing that there was an XKCD book. Can’t wait for it to come out.

  2. Woo! A book! Nicely done. When it’s available I’ll want a copy. Any chance of getting it signed? Maybe when you come back to Richmond?

  3. Huh… I would have expected you to analyze your server logs and pick the top 200 most popular images. Perhaps using a clever bit of stats to normalize the ranking against the relative number of readers/popularity of the comic over the years.

  4. Never mind… something is happening to the New York Times website right now… I can get to some articles through Google, but not through other links. Odd.

  5. Scott: I actually forgot that note was in the article. It’s outdated – I went back and redid the whole layout and comic selection myself, picking my favorites plus others that were popular or notable.

  6. woot! a book! i have printed an xkcd or two in the past to either give to someone or post somewhere myself…

    one more way to make the world a little bit more xkcd! :D

    can’t wait to buy one!

  7. Aw, why not come to SIGGRAPH? That’s right here in New Orleans. I’d never be able to make it to Conneticut, but SIGGRAPH is going on in my own backyard. ;)

    PS: I’d really rather they didn’t have it in my backyard… it’s going to be a pain getting all the confetti out of my grass. ;)

  8. I have a very serious question that has been bothering me all day, and I’m hoping you can resolve it for me.

    How is connecticon pronounced? I assumed it was connect-i-con, but after realizing it’s in Connecticut, I started doubting myself. Is the c silent???


  9. I never noticed the extra C so I’ve been pronouncing it “con-net-i-con”

    Also, I think there’s something wrong with ReCaptcha; it’s passing invalid arguments:

    pawning 1/.1


  10. 10,000 copies??

    That many will be sold to MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Berkeley students alone.

  11. That book will be sold 10 minutes after it hits the online store… I want to pre-order one!

  12. Come to Australia FTW!, for some reason we’re forgotten by you webcomic people… we’ll whack a prawn on the barbie for you! plz

  13. I second the preorder notions – seeing that there’s XKCD cutouts hidden all over my office and only about a third of them are mine (and I work at a bank) I’m suddenly worried about how quickly 10k can go by.


    It’s actually a smart idea, that way you know how many you’ll need to print. I think you’ll sell way more than 10,000

  15. I thought I read somewhere that the term “out-of-print” won’t apply to this book, since they’ll press new ones and ship them out as long as there is demand?

    ..wait, where the hell would I have gotten that from, the NYtimes article is the only source of information here.. maybe im mixing it up with this article, , which would, anyway, be a sensible way to handle this case since analyzing the market is damn near impossible.

  16. See… The problem is that no one who has ever GONE to connecticon, and therefo heard it pronounced by an Authority, has seen fit to answer my question. I’ve come to believe that its not actually a real con. Webcomic artists just say they’re going to it so they can all take a secret vacation together.

  17. Brooke, we tend to pronounce it “Con-net-ti-con” or something like it. The middle “c” is silent like it usually is in Connecticut.


    If you see any lost/confused people dressed as either Misa/L/or some person from soul eater (or anything…they gotta have more costumes) looking for you without a way for me to give them a picture… don’t hide and run… they’re just trying to get an autograph for me X3

  19. Randall,
    Why do black people and white people look identical in your comic? Everyone knows they look and taste different.


  20. I rejoice at the idea that there will soon be a book of my favorite webcomic, for me to savor and treasure in glorious print form as a real book should be! Also, pretty much every webcomic I read is at ConnectiCon right now, and I wish I wasn’t halfway across the country. I hope you are having lots of fun.

  21. Oh, and I also support the preorder idea, because that book will sell like particularly tasty hotcakes, and I don’t want to be left out in the cold.

  22. I can’t belieeeeve you’re going to my home state when I’m not there! I’m away at school doing research :(

  23. I’ll be going to connecticon. I intent to see you there and scream silently/out loud to those around me. When you see the girl with a top hat and rabbit ears, that’s me. Anyone else who sees me say hi, too!

    recaptcha: organ payments. hmm.

  24. Hey Randall,
    We are at the Marriot hotel and we’d like to buy you a drink. If you are not too tired, mail me at the adress.

    From the lobby,
    John Titor

  25. Hey Randall,
    Connecticon was amazing, and getting a signed print was definitely one the highlights! You should most certainly come next year, and have a sign advertising linguistic ranting instead of cryptographic ranting. Either that, or offer a reward to anyone who can decipher the Voynich manuscript. Your work is amazing, and a book with only a 10,000 copy run will sell out within it’s first 30 minutes.

  26. Phaedrus–

    I will buy an xkcd book, even though I already read the entire archive twice.

    Fixed that for you.

  27. Hi! I was the weird girl in the red bandanna with dice who stopped by an unnecessary amount of times. It was really nice to meet you and I hope you come back to Connecticon sometime! <3

  28. I was driving through Hartford on Sunday… I offered to let my dad drive home if I could stay for the convention and just walk or hitch the hundred miles back to central Jersey… but nooooo, the man who hitched across the country when he was a teen wouldn’t let me.

    Oh well, what’s done is done.

  29. Hee, I saw you today, I acted weird and nervous but I just want you to know now that I think you’re very cool and your comics are quite genius. I hope to see you next year! (I love my signed print)

  30. I’m wondering why you don’t take the time to create an entierly new set of comics and publish them with the book? That would be THE reason to buy this book, because these strips won’t be online.

  31. I don’t have anything directly related to this article to say, but I just noticed that you can leave replies without going through an annoying signing-up process involving a confirmation email to activate an account, and I had to express my wholehearted approval.

  32. I read your comic everyday at my paying job, I work the Con (Sarges Comics) and as I am unpacking from the con I see that I missed you. DARN!

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