I’ll be at Connecticon in Hartford, CT this weekend!  There are some cool people there – I’ll be on a panel with the Cyanide and Happiness guys.  If you’re in the area, come say hi!  I should have mentioned Connecticon earlier, but I’ve been busy finishing up a project – more on that later!

Note: Some of the stuff in the article is no longer accurate – since then, I’ve gone back and redone the layout and comic selection myself.

148 thoughts on “Connecticon

  1. I suppose not getting the proof quite right is also a part of the hallucinations. (One plus the product of ‘all primes’ has prime factors that obviously can’t be in ‘all primes’.)

  2. Been reading for a little while, just started looking at the blag here. Did you realise there is town here in New Zealand called Blagdon?

  3. Eigh there.. I’m a comsci student. I was trying to Google for programming jokes then I came through your site. My classmate and I really enjoyed the comic strips even though people over our shoulders didn’t get what’s so funny about your comics.

    I’m also a fan of Cyanide and Happiness. I was really surprised that you guys are meeting up!

  4. Your haiku proof sucks. It doesn’t make sense. A “top prime” won’t have divisors, it’s a frigging prime ): it should be

    Take the primes you know,
    multiply, add one, factor.
    Q.E.D., bitches.

    or similar. Rarely does xkcd fail like this… no, even when it’s a hallucination it must be correct. It must!

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  8. 1.5m is enough for a terry pratchett collection assuming you own every single book for adults, the tiffany aching books, the science books, art books, maps and the last continent, but NOT the kiddy books. It should leave you enough room for a few more books (such as the one that will be published in october). This is for a paperback collection, not hardcovers. I’d go with 2m if I had everything as hardcovers :P

  9. Wait, oops. Add another 30cm to that at least. I found more books in another shelf ;)

  10. Ummm…but what if you have both paperback and hard covers of each book? Plus the original issue illustrated paperbacks and the new issue paperbacks with the graphic only cover art, and some signed copies that have never been read, only lovingly caressed while dusting them. Perhaps I don’t need more shelves, only a room with nice padded walls…. sigh

  11. you should contact the people of Another Anime Con and go there ^_^ it’s held in Nashua, NH and they’re pretty much always looking for people to come. It’s a small con but friendly and fun!

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  13. Very nice to see our favorite comics authors going to conventions. It’s always interesting to see what is next on the plate! Always hungry for more quality content, can’t wait for the next comic! The glass is always half full with xkcd!

  14. Sie amk. I was so sorry to hear what you were going through since November….and seeing your Monday April 4 comic – I wonder if things are better or how you’re coping up with the illness in your family. Your comic strip has made so many, many of us laugh through the years and have a sense of humor about life through our tough times, wishing you strength during yours. vay ak.

  15. ConnectiCon is an annual massively multi-genre convention dedicated to “a celebration of pop culture – everything from anime, to science fiction, comic books and card games.

  16. Me gusta mucho lo que ustedes son demasiado. Este tipo de trabajo inteligentes y la cobertura! Mantener a los chicos obras magníficas que te he chicos a blogroll.

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  18. Molto bello vedere i nostri autori di fumetti preferiti vanno alle convenzioni. E ‘sempre interessante vedere qual è la prossima sulla piastra! Sempre affamati di più contenuti di qualità, non può aspettare per il prossimo fumetto!

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