Miscellaneous Friday Notes

For quite a while I’ve done a bad job of managing my email. I’m finally getting my inbox back in order, but there are still tens of thousands of messages — spanning the last year or so — that will probably go unread and unanswered for the near future. I’m going to do some sifting through, but I’ll probably end up declaring email bankruptcy. To everyone who I was a jerk to by not seeing their email, or not replying, I’m sorry. I will do better in the future.

Speaking of things I found deep in my inbox, T. Campbell told me he and Gisèle Lagacé were doing a comic for me last year, and I said I’d pass around the result. So here it is!

Raptor Awareness Day is this weekend! 200,000 attendees! I will spend it hiding in my attic with a tire iron and my Jurassic Park collection.

And lastly, Daniel Cohen tipped me off that apparently Nathan Fillion owns an electric skateboard, too!  To be honest, up until I saw that, I couldn’t name a single other person I knew of who had one.  I wonder if he’s interested in installing Li-On batteries (he says he only gets 6 or 7 miles to a charge).  It’s nice to know I’m not alone.  Although his is 30% more powerful than mine, so the odds would be against me in a race (unless he’s put off replacing the catalyzer on his port compression coil …)

90 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Friday Notes

  1. Holy snap i get first comment on an xkcd blog? Must be my lucky day.
    Woo I get the firefly reference.

  2. I’m officially worried about Raptor Awareness Day. Yesterday was National High Five Day. I hope all of you celebrated it….

    Email problem…. Select All -> Delete -> Done

  3. Raptor Awareness Day! Let’s make more people aware of that.

    Also, godspeed Captain Fillion. Don’t get stuck without any oxygen. That catalyzer’s something you might get shot over.

  4. This weekend is my school’s ballet. Had I known of Raptor Awareness Day, I would have lobbied for the first ever production of Jurassic Park on Stage.

    BTW: the captcha is “reopen loans”? is that xkcd’s commentary on the economy, or just an oddly appropriate combination of words?

  5. 250,000 attendees at raptor awareness day

    250,000 attendees at the teabagging parties

    and me unsure which group to take more seriously!

  6. Hey, I bought an electric skateboard early this year, it went up to 15mph, but unfortunatly it broke recently.

    Out of interest, is it common for just ONE wheel to be powered by the motor? and are the trucks meant to be crazily loose? As I thought these were the worst features of the board I bought.

  7. So you didn’t get the plans for world domination then? Blast! Now what am I going to do with a cosmic dominatrix?!

  8. I bought one of the Altered Electric Skateboards too. The 600W motor one with a custom deck. It’s amazingly fun to ride. I’d consider installing Li-On batteries. I’d love to be able to stay out longer.

    @Josh: Yes, only one wheel is powered otherwise it’d be too hard to turn if both wheels back wheels were forced to turn at the same rate. And the trucks are meant to be flexible so you can carve and for some shock protection. I had problems with my board too, but I called them and they’re happy to help you get it working again.

  9. Have you tried Thunderbird filters? They’re quite useful, but require the subjects/senders to follow patterns…

  10. At first I read that as “I will be holding it in my attic…” and I thought, “Holy crap! I wish I could fit 200,000 people in MY attic!”

    My weekend will be spent educating the younger generation on not underestimating the danger of raptors. It could cost them one day.

  11. So, is everyone who owns an electric skateboard awesome, or is this just an unreliable statistical outlier?

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  13. Holy crap! And I thought my inbox was untidy. (350 unread messages last time I looked)

  14. i think nathan is quite a bit heavier than you, so you might still beat him.

    Hmm. At 6’1.5″ he’s a hair taller than me … what do you think he weighs? He’s in pretty good shape … maybe 200 lbs? 190? That’d be average for his height, and only ten pounds more than me. Anyone know Nathan Fillion’s weight?

    I’ve already estimated Summer Glau’s weight for that one comic. I should just have a sheet on my wall with the weights of the entire Firefly cast. Or would that be weird?

    I did send you email asking to buy some of your strips, so if you feel like it, you might want to do a search.

    You do know they’re available for free, right? :)

    But seriously, I am not sure quite what you mean, but if you email again we’ll probably get to it faster! I’m sorry for missing your earlier mail.

  15. Raptor Awareness day is now upon us…. I feel as though I’m being hunted…..

    let us never forget


    Dr. Ellie Sattler: [referring to 'raptor] He’s gonna come through the glass!
    Dr. Alan Grant: [gun shots]
    John Hammond: [hears gun shots in phone receiver] Grant? GRAAAAANT?

  16. It’s great that you are updating your blag so often. It makes my many compulsive visits to xkcd (even on days when I know there is no comic being released) seem a little less crazy…. “It’s not the OCD… I’m just checking for blag updates!”

    To At:
    That warning prompts the image of a row of people commuting in a subway cars, standing up and holding the loops, some reading the newspaper, with a ‘raptor trying to look inconspicuous among them in a trench coat and fedora.

  17. Hmm you you now have a defective inbox the collect knowalge of all raptors (or the phycotic delusins of one prgroamer) may help

    1. get a trained raptor to handle your mail
    2. have two accounts one for people you want to respond to and one that sends a nice we will try to get to you as soon as possible message once you send it
    3. look behind you just dont move

  18. Trained Raptor?

    Way to sign your own death warrant.

    (Instant I get a time machine, Randall, your childhood gets more interesting. And by interesting, I mean “Being attacked by Raptorsish.)

  19. You do know they’re available for free, right? :)

    Yep. :-)

    But seriously, I am not sure quite what you mean, but if you email again we’ll probably get to it faster! I’m sorry for missing your earlier mail.

    No problem. I re-sent from this posting address.

  20. So, Velociraptor Awareness Day just happened to fall upon the largest annual fireworks show in the world, Thunder over Louisville. (Louisville, KY)… A coincidence? I think not! A distraction! Once the military aircraft had left… We were open prey.

    To warn the fine people of Louisville, I thought fit to alert them of the imminent danger via Jumbotron. I should, like, get a medal. Or two.

    (Flickr link to some pictures of the warning… Also, tons of awesome pictures of Thunder by a friend of mine, if you’re so inclined.)

  21. I love how just from reading One of your comics and then Going on to wikipedia to attempt to understand some of It, I get to have the Most Amazing internet Adventures, I ended up on a page Dealing with Harry potter after some time on one of them. And the other time… I dont want to talk about that

  22. Go for the LiFePO4 batteries made by A123. 3.3V & 2.3 Ah per cell, with continuous discharge of 70A, Peak 120A. They charge in the neighborhood of 10 minutes, and last well over 1000 cycles. Only downside is the price, but the performance is worth it :D

    PS: they also don’t explode!

  23. Maybe the android runs on Java, which doesn’t do unsigned integers. Otherwise, it would be the best solution of course.

  24. Or if the android is running Haskell there’s nothing to worry about. Except it becoming SkyNet.

  25. I just read the NYT story about the new book!

    When can we pre-order this? Also glad to hear that the “title text” or “mouse over text” will be included.

  26. y’know, the shiny-gadget-lovin’ Mr. Fillion might actually take you up on the offer of a race if you ever got his attention…you never know. he seems like a nice enough guy with a strong competitive streak… just sayin’…

  27. You know you guys really misjudge us raptors
    After a centry or two we really mellowed out

    all we now want to do is rip some lisp codeing nooz apart


  28. Couldn’t you create some sort of cron job that could test against received time, if it’s older than x days move it to folder y? At least then it would be a bit more organized.

  29. I emailed you once, and you answered: I must have gotten you while you were still in the email bubble.

  30. Umm…. am I the only one who does not get what that comic he linked to has to do with anything?

  31. What I personally never understood was if 0000h = 0, 7FFFh = 32367 (which makes perfect sense) and the most significant bit is the “negative flag”, shouldn’t 8000h = negative zero? HOW do you get one from that? HOW. It just doesn’t make sense.

  32. @Quade Hale:

    It’s called 2s complement. To turn a negative number into its positive counterpart, you flip all the bits and add 1. 0x8000 becomes 0x7FFF (after bit flips) then 0x8000 (after increment), so it represents -32768. 0xFFFF would represent -1. You’re thinking of signed-magnitude representation, which isn’t often used.

  33. You know Randall, you could cut down on the amount of email you have to wade through if you wrote a script to automatically respond to every thirtieth one by emailing back a raptor. Or is that not supported in the relevent protocols yet?

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