Since last night I’ve been obsessively connecting to Omegle.

It’s a simple site that just connects you to a random person, anonymously, for a conversation.

It feels like that scene in Fight Club where the narrator sits down next to Tyler on the plane.  Two strangers meeting, laying out their personality and sizing each other up in just a few words, with no expectations, and — thanks to anonymity — no consequences.

Except in this case, a lot of the time Tyler just screams “COCKS”, punches the narrator, and jumps out of the window.

Still, it’s fun!

1,276 thoughts on “Omegle

  1. I love Omegle. It’s very hit and miss, but when I can find someone who can type fairly quickly and has a sense of humor, I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

    The key is to not continue with any ASL starts. Argh. 90 per cent teens looking for cyber….. good for them but I want to HAVE FUN.

  2. sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  4. hahaha i love omegle i hate it when a person and you get into a conversation and all of a sudden they say ‘show me your boobies,’ or, ‘strip for me.’ no no thats just wrong.

  5. I love messing with people’s all in good fun .no harm I just like saying wierd stuff in the middle of a chat to see the reaction

  6. Omegle can be quite good if you can find someone genuine who actually does want to have a conversation. Most of the time though you’ll just find horny boys asking ASL or if you’re M or F, which gets very boring very quickly.

  7. I’ve been on omegle lately too, I like to have simple conversations with people also, and I go there to meet new and different people instead of joining a social network.But I don’t like the people who jump out and want cyber.
    Cybering is for losers who can’t have real sex because they have HIV or STDs. :P And I bet more than half have boyfriends or girlfriends.
    The real reason, in my opinnion, for cybering is for long distance relationships. Faithful ones at that. :)

  8. Love to have omegle site talking to strangers is adventure.
    but keep your kids away from the monitor first, its not perverted when you say something honest and true.

  9. outrageous! nonsense to adolescence. Enjoyable to some people who aren’t sensitive to what they are dating online.
    but keep your kids away from the monitor first, its not perverted when you say something honest and true.

  10. i love sex lol jking i have a bf tht will kick any ones as if they try any shit he just got out of jail for almost killing someone and hes not scared to stick up for me so just worning you dont mess wiff me bitches….. hahahaha.

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