Oops (delayed post)

In today’s comic, I have the rain-stick thing happening in Jaynestown, when it actually happens in Our Mrs. Reynolds.  I lose three nerd points.

When writing the comic, I actually compiled a list of references to wood in Firefly by searching the scripts. They included Badger serving Jayne wood alcohol and Inara likening Mal’s sword technique to ‘chopping wood’ (both in Shindig). I should put it on Wikipedia so nobody has to duplicate my efforts.

Note: I actually wrote this post from the road early this morning to try to stave off the subsequent flood of email, but in my sleepiness I accidentally published it as a “page” instead of a “post” (a WordPress distinction that’s confused me before). So, all told, this was not a good day for my internet skills.  I think I’ve dropped from 1337 to 1334, maybe 1335 tops.

229 thoughts on “Oops (delayed post)

  1. Well, at least I’m no longer hypnotized by that freakishly perfectly huge head of red hair and cold, dead, ginger stare. That brings you back up to at least 1336.

  2. 6 Months ago, my life turned I thought I was ready to be in a relationship, turns out I was. But what I didn’t know was that I wasn’t ready to be alone. I still ain’t. I can’t sleep, I can’t entertain myself or even eat well… I rent way too many movies. I go out a lot and I try to be with people as much as I can because I abso-effing-lutly can’t wrap my head around the concept of being by myself.

    Fact is, I need someone. Someone to be there for me because I cannot love myself enough to be comfortable with being alone in my apartment for more than a short lenght of time. Now, I realize that because my girlfriend is away in spain and I’m reacting the same way I did when my ex-girlfriend and I broke up a year ago.

    So the question that ultimatly pops in my head and impairs my sleepy time is: Do I really love my girlfriend, or do I love the fact that she’s there?

  3. hey divvy,
    can you both? “Do I really love my girlfriend, or do I love the fact that she’s there?”.
    why one or the other?
    why is it that when humans in a relationship are tested by geography, loneliness and wanting for that person is concluded to be negative. or unhealthy. I think needing someone for your happiness is natural. the key is that it is not just anyone; for no one else will do. do you miss me because i am not in you life? no, because you don’t know me. and if you did “know me” would i be a person you require for happiness, depends on if you see in me the things you value in your life. and wouldn’t “not missing her” be a bigger impairer of sleepy time?

    lastly, it’s not distance that strains a relationship it’s how you make each other feel about it that does. Miss her with all your heart, but continue to live with all your soul. and for christ’s sake take care of yourself, eat well, excersize, stumble, read, surround yourself with people that love you, you must survive for your sake not hers.

    funny note: my reCaptcha words are “war” and “species”.

  4. llolla said: ”I think needing someone for your happiness is natural. the key is that it is not just anyone; for no one else will do.”

    That is the essence of the question, could someone else do? If I do love her, then no one else will do, but if I love the fact that she (or someone) is there, then will someone else do? I’ve met someone recently that made me doubt having previously ”realized” that what I have is what I want. I think I’m in for a rough ride…

  5. Divvy,

    Went through this (and worse) when my ex left a year ago. I agree with llolla that you can do both, but it sounds like you’ve got some ‘soul searching’ to do. My suggestion: do what it takes to make yourself into someone who can be happy even if you are alone (personal improvement, an interesting hobby, etc.). You will definitely benefit, and chances are your girlfriend will find even more reason to be attracted to you. Helped me out, anyway…

  6. Wow, today’s xkcd hit straight home. I know what you’re saying, Divvy. My bf has been the same way, since he hasn’t seen me in a few months. I’ve found myself doubting whether he loves me or simply the idea of me – someone there to keep him from feeling alone. I keep telling him he should use the time to finish some video games or pick up a hobby, but he still seems sulky. I know that as soon as we see each other again, I’ll forget all about these nagging feelings and things will seem “normal” again… but it’s kind of unsettling…

    In other news, the Firefly mix-up was forgiven :)

  7. To Divvy, et al.:

    Long-distance relationships generally don’t work. Eyes wander, and most of the time at least one of you cheats. Even if neither of you cheats, at least one of you *wants* to cheat by the time all is said and done, and that person ends up resentful toward the other for being the reason that the new romance couldn’t be pursued.

    Friends don’t let friends pursue long-distance relationships.

  8. The question is really, what do you commit to doing each day because of your woman? If you can’t think of anything, or you don’t like those things, then that woman is probably not for you.

  9. Dear Divvy,

    There are people out there in this world who are better together than apart. Whether that together is with the love of your life or a stranger passing through, is something you’ll need to address. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet someone who is better for being with you and together you will stay. Despite the difference in distance.

    Then again, there are people who prefer to be alone and are annoyed with others and their cloying tendencies.

    Best Wishes,

  10. J’ai plaisir à insérer les poissons morts dans Randall Munroe’ ; cul de graisse de s. J’ai plaisir également à avoir le sexe avec des poulets.

  11. asteroid54: if you want something more like the Hitchhiker’s Guide, you could to try h2g2 (guess where the name comes from…) at http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/. It predates wikipedia by a couple of years, with a vaguely similar premise, but much more in the casual, “here’s some interesting things” style, without bothering with rigorous sourcing or NPOV language.

    Unfortunately, it’s pretty tiny, and rarely updated these days. It was a nice idea, though.

  12. So wikipedia is going down, just like when the hitchikers guide was bought by InfiniDim? OH MY GOD VOGONS!!!

  13. Anyone wanna add a reference to today’s comic to aforementioned “In popular culture” section (god, the wiki-mods would flip)? :P

  14. Is anyone an expert in literary criticism? When it’s interpretive and not hard facts you’re dealing with, everyone’s an “expert” if they can put together a coherent argument.

    As for sociology (-scoff-)… If they figure it out in 4 minutes, you’re letting too much snark through. If you treat it seriously, they’ll never catch on.

  15. I can see how deconstruction could be confusing to a person who sees physics and mathematics in an almost purely platonic fashion. You can still be respected in mathematics if you construct a workable model even if you don’t actually understand the difference between a model and reality. On the other hand if you just go around claiming that books only mean exactly literally what is written in them, you will rightly be regarded as a cretin.

  16. There is no such thing as a difference between “model” and “reality” within the field of mathematics. Purely logical structures built from axioms and deductive techniques can’t really be said to correspond neatly to either “model” or “reality”, and even if you do classify them as either, you will have a hard time finding anything that corresponds to the other term.

    Arguing that mathematicians lack a (presumably necessary and relevant) understanding of these concepts only reveals a fundamental lack of understanding of the nature of mathematics.

  17. I have to say, it only took me about 2 seconds after reading the “Have you tried logarithms” to go “wtf, mate?” Hopefully the 48 seconds plays to the older engineers who have to start paying attention to you rather than themselves (taking 45 seconds) before rejecting the idea.

    In other news, the 445 combinations are awesome. I liked the one from Hola the best. Almost made me laugh out loud. At work. It really *is* the simple things.

  18. Oh. And there’s more wood in BSG than what’s been mentioned. Cloud Nine’s outdoor arena? Kobol’s forests? And one can’t forget that the vision Caprica Six has of the basestar in her head is a big old forest. Kudos to whomever mentioned Adama’s model ship. And aren’t some of the idols (Artemis & Aphrodite are the ones Starbuck has) wood? ;) You don’t even have to dig too deep.

  19. I would just like to say that today I fooled a full blown physicist into thinking I was a member of his field (or at least extremely well informed) for a good two minutes, when we parted ways. He is still none the wiser.

    I’m a journalism major.

    …I’m fairly proud of myself, especially in light of today’s strip.

  20. I’d say for the Firefly thing you dropped to 1335, and as for WordPress… well, I can’t really blame you.

  21. A few Thanksgivings ago I had an hour long conversation with my uncle’s fiance about several authors and their respective novels. We talked about how some of them had gotten better over the years, and others hadn’t hit their prime yet. I complained that one was becoming too experimental and she agreed.

    The reason I keep saying “several authors” is because I had no idea who she was talking about.

  22. you didn’t mention your girlfriend in your latest comic

    what gives

  23. D, sorry, I meant physics (specifically how it relates to mathematics.) Point still stands.

  24. Holy shit. The alt-text was right. I tasted the twelve books on my shelf, and three were scones. I think with a larger sample-size it may approach 1:5.

  25. Randy is chaotic neutral! Or incompetent lawful evil. We haven’t decided.

    .:the Oil Mine:.

  26. Mr. Munroe, here’s a tip for getting your next article published in PMLA:

    Don’t cite wikipedia.

  27. Re: Hurricanes

    EXCELLENT. Speaking as a Gulf Coast resident, I am highly in favor of Hurricane Illinois-Has-It-Too-Easy and Hurricane Where-The-Hell-Is-Bermuda. I would also like to see Tropical Storm Maybe-Now-The-Yankee-Relatives-Will-Stop-Calling-Every-Time-One-Of-These-Things-Gets-Within-A-Hundred-Miles, whose path hugs the coastline from Miami to Halifax before veering off and hitting Greenland (they also have it too easy).

  28. For comic #445, a more touching order is 4c 4d 1b 1c 2b 2c, to use more of the comic 4c 4d 1b 1c 2b 2c 4a 3a 2a 1a 3b 3c 2a. Another fun order 4a 3a 2a 1a 1b 1c 1d 2c 2d. Ha I could do this for hours!

  29. I’ve always wondered what kind of research you did while making these strips.

  30. Divvy: I cannot love myself enough to be comfortable with being alone in my apartment for more than a short lenght of time.

    I believe that it is a pre-requisite for loving someone else that you must be capable of loving yourself. Ergo (and rather worryingly), if your premise is true, you don’t really love your gf. Sorry

  31. D: There is no such thing as a difference between “model” and “reality” within the field of mathematics.

    This is true in pure mathematics, but not in applied mathematics. Applied maths (just so you know I am a Brit) is inherently about creating models which abstract away some aspects of reality.

  32. Sorry to hear about your Comic-Con merch getting lost, that totally sucks! I hope you get UPS for every penny, and that con was fun anyway.

  33. Since I loved the “mods” of this strip I took the liberty to crop every panel so they could be turned into gif’s. Unfortunately I don’t have anything to make gifs here but here’s the file.


    someone please make A1 B1 A2 B2 A3 3B A4 B4 D1 C2 C3 D2

    btw I used letter for columns and numbers for rows, as everyone else, I think, but I put the column letter first.

  34. You know, you could still delete the page.

    Oh, and I agree with Alex. It’s a perfectly normal head of hair, but it seems to be one size too large, as if somebody forgot to select all objects when scaling.

    Note to wearer of hair: That was not in any way an insult, and even if it were, it would only be an insult to your hair, which can’t read anyway.

  35. A Black-hat Black-hat’s black hat. Black and hat don’t even look like words to me anymore. They look like patterns.

  36. Awesome comic today. I love my Gentoo linux and OpenBSD, but if somebody asks me to help them install them, I’m running the other way.

  37. Wow. That is an incredibly long number of replies to one post. This is what I truly love about xkcd; not only is the comic itself brilliant and hilarious, the random occasions I have to cross paths with others who read it lead me to other brilliant and hilarious things.

    I just wish I had a longer attention span and/or memory, because by tomorrow I’ll have probably forgotten again that Randall keeps this blog.

  38. why is there no algorithim written for the #445 where you can start at any panel follow said algorithim and end with halarity. i expected more from fans of this comic.

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