Buttercup Festival

Good news, everyone1! After three years, David Troupes has restarted the comic Buttercup Festival.

If you aren’t familiar with the strip, you may enjoy poking around the old archives at random. There are some delightful things there.

1 Protip: it’s helpful to imagine that every blog post everywhere is preceded by the Professor announcing this.

65 thoughts on “Buttercup Festival

  1. Yeah, I’m looking for a feed. I suppose if he’s back from three years, he might not have updated the underlying code of the site, so maybe give it some time, but the Internet has limited attention spans.

    A feed would be nice.

  2. Neat! I really missed that comic. It was the only decent strip in the Daily Collegian for a long time. I remember a being really pleased to discover that all of the strips were online. Gives me nostalgia for my first couple years of college, when I was first getting into webcomics.

    (God, I feel young sometimes. I have nostalgia for 2001.)

    Agree with previous comments that he needs a feed if he’s only updating twice a month. I love Buttercup Festival, but I’m NOT going to remember to check it every other Monday.

  3. “Did you suddenly discover /b/, xkcd? Between this blag post and your comic today…”

    Yes! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who noticed this.

  4. Nifty! I am always [1] looking for a new web comic experience. I’ll take a thorough look on your [2] advice.

    [1] Well, not always. I do have to sleep,

    [2] Mad props for putting footnotes in your blog posts, BTW. A properly [3] footnoted blog post is a thing of beauty.

    [3] I stick to the Random House style guide, though my brother [4] prefers the Chicago Manual of Style. I consider Strunk & White to be so antiquated that it’s practically useless. Others [4] disagree.

    [4] Who shall remain nameless.

  5. I’ve been following Buttercup Festival since ’04, and I too am ecstatic. This comic was soo good, and the second run is so far showing signs of being even better!

    Glad to know others appreciate BCF as much as I do…


  6. Just saw today’s comic too. When I reached the end I had a real “wow” moment. Am I the only one?

  7. I HAD to say I loved the comic. It delighted me to no end. Serious ownage. Part 1 I loved, but this one was….simply amazing. You never cease to have all these twists and endings and just so much…..pwnage, for lack of a better term. Love it. Thank you for bringing delight to my Wednesdays.

  8. This is even better on LiveJournal or Myspace blogs.

    “Good news everyone! i cut myself to let the hurt out.”

  9. “Yes, I just discovered /b/ last week. Am I doing it right guys?”

    You discovered it two yeard later. /b/ is made of fails and AIDS right now. Go find your own internets because /b/ no longer delivers.

    also here’s a small treat for you ralph


  10. I think XKCD is a pretty cool guy. Eh propagates meems and doesn’t afraid of rules 1 and 2.

  11. I’m not sure if you were aware of this yet, but I think that you and everyone should at least be aware of it. In expectance of the impending doom to befall our lovely Earth, this was created to help prepare for it:


    I hope you find this as helpful as I have and happy hunting.

    -Chef Bryan

  12. My roommate and I both thought that hat-guy’s recent pwnage was pretty much the very best comic we’ve ever read.

    And then we marveled for several long moments about how a comic drawn entirely with stick figures nonetheless creates varied, recognizable character personalities.

    Don’t think I’ve posted before, so thanks for letting us in on your brilliance. :)

  13. Wait…you mean every blog post everywhere ISN’T proceeded by the Professor announcing good news? O_O

    This new development saddens me…

    But Buttercup Festival’s return cheers me up. So I guess I’m neutral right now.

  14. This is awesome! I love BF, although only recently got into them. It’s good to hear there’ll be more.

  15. is still up, thanks for this – I hadnt realised they where back up and had pretty much forgotten about it. Glad to see the comic hasnt lost any of its wimsy :)

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