Raptor shirts!

A new “No Raptors” shirt has gone up in the store (which is now almost completely restocked in the other shirts)! I’ve stocked up on a bunch of these ahead of time so they’re up for sale right away with no preorder period! Before putting them up, I got some friends together to take pictures in them. The results were awesome:

I made a collage of the pictures, featuring me and a bunch of friends who are mostly from CNU. They were a lot of fun to take. TRIVIA: Next to the girls in the anatomy lab pictures there were two grad students dissecting a small dog. They were a little confused as to why we were in their lab being so triumphant about science, especially since the building was supposed to be locked, but in the end they decided that we weren’t a threat! Which was good because they had a bunch of really sharp knives.

I hope you guys enjoy the shirts! So far I’ve had more friends buy their own, after seeing the samples, than any other shirt, so I think they’re gonna do well!

Also, all the previously backordered shirts are going out today and tomorrow, so you should get those soon.

62 thoughts on “Raptor shirts!

  1. They were a little puzzled as to why we were in their lab being so successful about technology, especially since the developing was expected to be closed, but in the end they created the decision that we were not a threat! Which was excellent because they had a lot of really distinct blades.

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